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6th Ed. 2000 points vs Dark Elves

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Gary_M, Aug 5, 2019.

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    Over the weekend I played my son, who was using his Dark Elves.
    My list was an Oldblood on cold one with bits and bobs (0+ A/S and 4++ to Str 5 or higher hits), 3 x level 2 skink priests, 3 x 10 skink skirmishers, 20 saurus with Spawning of quetzl, 2 x 5 cold one cav, 5 x chamo skinks, 3 sallies.
    His list a highborn lord on cold one, with a special weapon that meant no armour saves allowed and a magic shield, 10 crossbow elves, unit of c20 corsairs, unit of c20 infantry, 2 reaper bolt throwers, 2 x 5 dark riders, 9 cold one riders.
    We deployed favouring my left (my right flank was open except for a unit of chamo skinks, hidden behind a hill). This was not a problem as his deployment was similar to mine, so no real threat on that side.
    My son went first.
    His first turn saw a couple of cold one cav die to reaper bolt throwers. Magic wasn't much. A wound was put on one sallie, but that may have been shooting from a Dark Rider unit.
    My turn saw me move up. Magic was pretty good - I got Forked Lightning off on a unit of 5 dark riders, and killed four of them. The remaining one made its morale.
    Turn two, his infantry is quite static. He know I've got to come to him. His other unit of dark riders position themselves to deal with the chamo skinks. Reaper bolt throwers eliminate one unit of cold ones. Dealing with his death star is going to be difficult. I also lose some skinks to cross bow shooting.
    I move up again. Hoping to tempt a charge from his death star or his infantry block against a unit of skinks. I'm ready to charge through another unit of skinks with my krox next turn. I kill the last dark rider in that unit. I know have a skink unit and the salamanders getting round his right flank. Only trouble is, my right flank is also weakening with the loss of a unit of cold one cavalry. My chamo skinks score 4 hits on the other unit of dark riders. However he makes 3 of their 5+ saves! (If I've told those skinks once I've told them a hundred times, stop playing with your food!)
    Turn three he pre-empts my krox charge (wisely) by charging his corsairs into the skink screen. I get one or two with stand and shoot, but the unit are wiped out (I wasn't sure if they could flee through the krox, so opted for S&S). he then carries on into the Krox, for a charge in the next combat phase.
    He also charges his infantry block at my skinks. I flee. Need 3+ to escape. Roll snakes eyes!
    His reaper bolt throwers then do something astonishing. They wipe out my remaining cold one unit.
    One of my skink priests panics and runs away.
    My right flank is looking very weak now. I have the old blood and a single unit champion facing his death star and a block of infantry. Only thing in my favour is I have them both behind a wood (so they are protected from the bolt throwers) and there is another wood close by meaning those two units can't move round me quickly.
    In the corsairs vs krox combat, I get reasonably lucky and only lose one krox, another being down to 2 wounds. I kill a handful in return. We stick in combat.
    My turn 3, I shoot the 10 cross bow elves down to three using a unit of skinks and sallies. They stand though. In the corsair vs krox combat I lose the wounded krox but score some kills. We stick again.
    The chamo skinks are really annoying him now. Wherever he moves, I have moved outside the charge arc. And this turn I kill another couple of dark riders.
    Turn 4 he charges his death star against the old blood (I had positioned the champion slightly behind so only one was contacted). I issue a challenge. I now find out about his magic weapon. As he's only Str 4 my ward save is irrelevant. Oh Dear! However he whiffs his dice and only does one wound. I have a great weapon, but also whiff scoring one hit, his 0+ A/S is whittled down and he fails - One wound each. I lose via combat res, but stick on a 5 (thank you cold blooded!).
    He does what he should perhaps have done a bit earlier, pulls the remaining dark riders away from the chamo skinks.
    He turns a reaper bolt thrower to face the chamo skinks, and does kills two. They fail the morale test and flee, and can now be charged by the dark riders.
    Corsairs vs Krox was a poor round for both of us. We stay locked in combat.
    My turn 4, I charge my saurus block into the flank of the corsairs. After that was resolved, they fled, got run down by the krox. This included one witch (wizard).
    The Oldblood survived again, although the champion died. We stick again.
    I was able to move the chamo skinks out of his charge arc, but now at close range of the bolt throwers.
    I kill the remaining cross bow elves.
    Turn 5.
    He finally kills the old blood.
    Dark riders charge the chamo skinks, even with a good roll of 10, they are still caught.
    The reaper bolt throwers kill a sallie.
    My turn 5 I withdraw the saurus a little (still in the charge range of his death star, but I'm able to set up the two remaining krox and sallies to flank charge the death star if my saurus can hold them.
    I get lucky with shooting and kill the two crew on one bolt thrower.
    Turn 6. He charges my saurus.
    Amazingly he whiffs with his lord and after all other attacks I have only lost one warrior. Although I do 5 wounds back, his excellent armour save means non go through. However he loses combat by a few and fails his morale, so flees!
    Predictably he gets away from my slow moving saurus.
    I wish he'd stuck as I would have had one, maybe two flank charges (krox and sallies) and might have got something.
    My turn 6, I am able to charge his death star, which continues to flee.
    My shooting whiffs and the last bolt thrower survives.

    At the end neither of us had an idea who had won. While his death star had survived, not much else had (one block of infantry mainly) whereas I had lost my general, but had a number of units damaged, left on table.
    We totalled it up and the dark elves had won by 160 points. It was a draw!
    A really good game, which swung one way and then another, saw a number of bizarre dice rolls (thankfully spread between us) and an uncertain outcome at the end.
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