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6th Ed. 2000 Points vs Empire

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Gary_M, Apr 30, 2019.

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    My third ever game of 6th. My army is on a different post in the army lists section.

    My oppo had the following (apologies for not being precise, not faced Empire before).

    Elector Count
    2 level 2 wizards (Fire/Heavens)
    Chap on a Pegasus
    5/6 Fast cav
    5/6 Knights
    2 big blocks of infantry (c30 per block), each with two detachments of shooty things (each pair of detachments consisted of one shooty and one fighty detachment)
    Some immune to psychology infantry (Flagellants?), maybe 8?
    5/6 scouting archers.

    I won't go into details of where terrain was or deployment, but I had my first experience of an avalanche of morale check failures.

    I lost the chamo skinks (stupid mistake on my part) and then had to test a unit of skink skirmishers. They failed and fled. Another unit took quite a few losses from shooting, failed and fled. And then the third unit of skirmishers had to test and they also failed and fled.

    By turn end of 3 I had lost three units of skink skirmishers and the chamo skinks, and only killed the Pegasus chap in return. I had lost one kroxigor and a salamander too.

    However if the first half of the game belonged to the Empire, the second half was definitely the cold bloods.

    The three Kroxigor destroyed the immune to psychology infantry on the charge, and followed up into another unit. While I did lose the Krox eventually they did tie up a portion of his army.

    The key part of the game was on my right flank. My cold one bus was facing a cannon, scouting archers, knights and a large block of infantry including his Elector. The old blood first destroyed the scouting archers and then the knights over three turns (despite losing due to outnumbered and banner) a couple of times, he made his morale tests and stuck.

    The six strong cold ones charged the block of infantry which held the Elector Count and the heavens wizard, and were helped on turn 5 by the scar vet charging in.

    They also stuck despite losing combat a few times and eventually forced the Empires unit to flee and successfully ran them down, killing the Elector.

    Apart from then losing the scar vet to concentrated shooting (he nearly weathered the storm) that was the end of the game.

    I thought I had managed to close the gap in points and might have got a draw, but when we totalled the points, I had scored 1514 vs my oppos 964.

    I had won by 550 points, which qualified as a minor victory. It didn't feel like a victory, but I'll certainly take it.

    So, my record in 6th is now played 3, won 2, lost 1. Happy with that!

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