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6th Ed. 2000 Points vs Orcs & Goblins

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Gary_M, Aug 21, 2019.

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    Played a game against last Monday. Only second time playing my oppo, first game had been an utter blood bath, hugely enjoyable, with an eventual lizardman victory.

    Similar lists this time, but while the game was again a blood bath, it was mainly cold blood that flowed :-(

    While I don't think I made any huge mistakes, it was mainly a dice issue, although given some of the situations below, you may differ in your opinion about the mistakes!

    I had gone first, and in his first turn, due to Animosity his unit of 15 wolf riders (I think) moved forward. He then charged my unit of 3 salamanders.
    Flee or hold? A successful flee would require a 7 or 8. No, they're tough and strong so I hold. I lost combat by 1 due to a musician. And Failed the morale test by 1. Fled, was caught. Oh Dear!

    2. A nearby skink unit also flee. They wouldn't rally until 4th turn when they were only just on the table.

    I had two units of cold ones, one with my old blood general:

    Situation I found myself in was I could either charge some chaff, and hopefully overrun into a following unit, or stay still and be charged anyway. The other problem was that by charging I would face a counter charge regardless of overrun. I decided to charge.

    First unit destroyed the enemy unit (a pump wagon?) and overran into a unit of goblins. On his turn, he counter charged with a giant into the flank of the cold ones. The combat (we think we did it right) was as follows - Cold ones fight goblins at the same time as the giant attacks the cold ones (as both count as charging). I kill a host of goblins, but lose 3 cold ones. Lost due to musician, so the remaining two fled, but weren't caught.

    Second unit of cold ones (with old blood) charge some wolf riders. Destroy them and overrun into another goblin unit. On his turn they get counter charged by a boss on a wyvern. I challenge with the old blood. Unit goes after the goblins. Similar to above, cold ones attack goblins at same time as wyvern and boss attack old blood. However old blood has ASF sword so will hit first. 5 attacks. Hits twice. No wounds. Double Oh Dear!
    Boss and wyvern strike back - Taking old blood down to 1 wound. Unit kills a load of goblins. I lose combat again due to a damn musician! Flee, caught by Wyvern. Treble Oh Dear!

    I also failed a morale test with my saurus warriors and saw them run down!

    Out of 2000 points I had 3 skink priests and a 60 point unit of skink skirmishers left!

    It was one of those games - When I wanted high I rolled low, and when I wanted low I rolled high.
    Got so bad my oppo was commenting on it.
    Hey ho - Next time I hope karma smiles on me instead of dropping its do-do on me LOL.

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