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6th Ed. 2000 points vs Skaven

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Gary_M, Jun 19, 2019.

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    6th or 7th game of 6th edition, against the TK player from a couple of games ago. However he was using his favourites, the skaven, which I know he's done will with in tournaments.

    I had Oldblood, with a magic weapon, on a cold one, with 1+/4++ (if attacked by Str 5+)
    Scarvet, great weapon, cold one 1+/5++
    2 x skink priests, lvl 2, scrolls
    3 x 10 skink skirmishers
    2 x 5 cold one cav (each with champion)
    2 x 4 terradons
    4 Kroxigor
    3 salamanders

    He had:
    Don't know which lords/heroes.
    2 clan rats units
    1 slave unit
    censor bearers
    warp lightning cannon
    2 ratling guns
    6/7ish jezzails.
    some tunnelers
    3 bases of rat swarms.

    I arrived late and table was set up. On his border a hill in the middle, then nothing down to my edge (ie a clear line of sight). Two forests off to the right and left of mid table. A couple of hills on my base line. A marsh on my left, centreline.

    In view of the open view across the middle (where I knew some shooty unit would be placed - It was the jezzails) I opted to split my forces (I know, I know!) 2 x skinks, krox, sallies and 1 x terradon on the right, 2 x cold ones, 1 x skinks and 1 x terradon on the left (each side taking some shelter behind the forests.

    Skaven went first

    T1 saw me lose some skinks and a cold one to shooting/missiles.
    In return I got Comet of cassandora off with irresistible force - Marker on the jezzails.

    T2, I had stupidly put a unit of terradons in charge reach of the rat swarms. he charged I fled.
    Magic, the comet came down. It might have only been one token but the marker was smack on the jezzails.
    Can't remember if they all died to the comet or some and the rest fled.
    He rolled for his tunnellers - They appeared, or were expected to, but he rolled an misfire - On the chart the roll was tunnel collapse, all died.
    (Can we stop now please?)

    T3 More losses to magic. The slaves charge a unit of skinks, who flee. They in turn cause the salamanders to flee and the unit of terradons on the right. He charges the rat swarms into a unit of cold ones. I fail to rally the skinks and the terradons. Sallies do rally.

    T4 More losses to magic (unsurprisingly, this was a common theme!). He charges the censor bearers into the first unit of cold ones who are stuck in combat with the rat swarm.
    I won that combat (only lost one due to the toughness test) and the rats flee, but I cannot follow up due to being in combat with the rat swarm. I charge my second unit of cold ones into the rat swarm, and successfully whiff most of my dice. The damn things are still there.

    T5 Having lost their skirmish screen earlier on, the Kroxigor get shredded by the ratling guns. Two left.
    I charge those two into a unit of clan rats, the salamanders who hadn't shot all game get charged by plague monks. Lose combat and get run down.

    T6 The warp cannon explodes on a misfire. No more losses.

    We worked out the points and it was only a minor victory to the skaven (less than 500 points MOV at 2000 points). It felt worse, but most of my losses were lower pointed units (skinks, terradons) the ones that hurt were the sallies and krox.

    While would liked to have done better I'm not too disappointed given the relative levels of experience. Deployment was again a problem, but then the table set up was not conducive to a nice line of battle!

    I'm going to a 6th edition tournament run by my club in the UK in October (my first one ever) so am trying to get a feel for how units work etc. Next couple of games will be trying a Slann, possibly solo (ie no temple guard) but with a 2+ ward save.

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