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8th Ed. 2400 points, versus Woodelves

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by airjamy, Jul 9, 2020.

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    Had a great game against Woodelves this weekend, 2400 points, first time i used the engine of the gods. Lists were the following. My opponent knew i would be bringing LM and knows i love skinks, so that might have been the reason that there was so much Trueflight. I don't even really minded it, seeing no Hagbane while i was sporting 2 monsters. 10 Wildriders and 10 Sisters did scare me, Wild Riders hit hard and i had no real way to kill the Sisters as they have a 2++ against magic with the Lodestone and i did not expect my Skinks and Salamanders to survive long, so they were my main problem. Main mistake in the WE list was not taking a BSB imho, my opponent said he expected his glade captain to be too far away all the time for a BSB to be worthwhile and that that was why he did not take it, but it would cost him dearly this game. My opponent ran Dark Magic, and basically had all the spells of the lore.


    Slann Bsb. Discipline. Channeling staff. Convergence. Soul of Stone. Cogitation, Focus of mystery.

    Scarvet Cold one. GW. Dawnstone. Gamblers armour
    Skink Priest Lvl 1. Beasts. Scroll

    5*10 Skink skirmishers
    26 Hws Sauri Banner, music.

    26 TG Banner, music
    Stegadon Bolt Thrower

    Salamander Snack
    Salamander Snack
    Ancient Stegadon, Engine of the Gods.



    Spellweaver, lodestone, steed

    Spellsinger, scroll.
    Glade Captain, Hail of Doom Arrow, Stag.

    13 Gladeguard, Trueflight Arrows
    13 Gladeguard, Trueflight Arrows
    10 Gladeguard, Trueflight Arrows

    9 Sisters of Thorn
    5 Wild Riders
    5 Wild Riders
    10 Deep Wood Scouts Trueflight arrows
    10 Deep Wood Scouts Trueflight arrows

    10 Waywatchers

    We both had our skirmishers on a line, Salamanders also out front (no need to hide them behind units for Hard Cover due to Trueflight Arrows. Het had his cavalry on his table edge, out of range of stuff and ready to counter charge, and 3 units of gladeguard with the spellsinger in the center in his wood. I put my infantry directly in front of the woods, Scarvet solo in the center with them, with Stegadons flanking them, intending to secure the center and then trying to push the WE in the corners, trying to catch as much as their units. I did not put my Scarvet behind a unit as i thought there was no threat from his shooting so i wanted him to be as close to the enemy as possible, which turned out to be the biggest mistake i made this game.

    WE turn 1
    Barely any movement, as expected, just moved wizards into range. Magic was not that bad, just one Skink unit got destroyed. Shooting however, was devastating. One unit of Skinks and one Salamander died to Trueflight (which was expected), but the Waywatchers knocked their Armor Save ignoring arrows against my Scarvet, hit everything :)P) and then rolled 3 6's to wound. I needed to roll 2 6's out of 3 to save him with the Gamblers armor, my 1+ rerollable doing nothing, and i only rolled one, killing my scarvet on the point i deployed him on. This was a bad turn one for the LM.

    LM turn 1
    I moved up fully, knowing that i needed to get into CC and Soul Quench range to get some damage back on the WE. Magic was very good, i got a Soul Quench of on a unit of Gladeguard in the woods, killing 5, panicking them and the two other units of Glade Guard including the wizard in the unit, making it so i had to endure less shots. In the end, one of them ran of the table. Shooting was less eventful but ok, i was just able to kill some Glade Guard with poisoned Javelins.

    WE turn 2
    His two units of Wildriders moved up in tandem, getting ready to counter charge my infantry moving in the center. His shooting and magic were once again pretty good, killing my last salamander and another unit of Skinks, leaving me with only 3.

    LM turn 2
    Not able to get any charges in this turn, which was annoying (i hoped to get my scarvet in the thick of it by now). The Magic phase was,, well it was as bad as it could be for me. First spell i tried to cast was Soul Quench on the Waywatchers that just killed my Scarvet, and on 3 dice to cast i had Irrisitable force, rolled double ones on the miscast result meaning my Soul of Stone did nothing, casting my Slann and 90% of my TG into the warp. I thought i had lost the game at this point, but wanted to keep playing as i did do an hours drive to get this game in, ending it on turn 2 seemed silly. His Waywatchers were killed to a man as well, but this was ofcourse totally not worth it. My javelins got some shots of at least, and i still had my Scroll to at least mitigate one turn of WE magic, but after that i feared that his magic would reign supreme. I still had a single Skink left of one of the units that got decimated and i put that in front of one of his units of Wildriders, hoping that perhaps he would fail his Frenzy roll, giving my Saurus infantry a free charge on his Wildriders.

    WE turn 3
    And low and behold, that is exactly what happened, Wildriders failed their Frenzy check, charged a skink, putting them exactly 6 inches in front of my Saurus infantry, which gave me some hope. Magic was uneventful due to my dispell scroll, and shooting was ok, he started shooting my infantry to fully eliminate my TG from the game for full VP, but they took al their arrows to let the last 3 of them die.

    LM turn 3
    I charged the Wild Riders with my Saurus infantry (which is a crazy thing to say i know) and my Stegadons were used to get his units of Glade Guard fleeing (he fled as a charge response and i redirected with both of them to get more of them fleeing). I pumped all my dice into the Engine, getting irristable force, and with my Stegadon in the center of his line i wrecked havoc on this Gladeguard and Deep Wood Scouts. His Sisters were unaffected of course, and were able to slip past my lines in the place were my TG were, i knew from that point that i would never be able to catch them this game. Combat was very fortunate for me as i killed 4 Wildriders but the last one stood, making it so my LM would be able to reform as an end of combat reform on my opponents turn, giving them a lot more threat next turn.

    WE turn 4
    My opponent made his biggest mistake here, and put his Wild Riders right next to my Saurus Infantry that were engaged with his other unit of Wild Riders, thinking he could charge them next turn. He did not consider my end of combat reform, which would give me a free charge into them in my next turn. His shooting had died down a mostly, and he was now just running away and casting spells to do some more damage. My Skink priest died to shooting/magic, so now all my magic was down. His 3D6 multi shot arrow was fired here against skinks, but he rolled terribly, killing only 1 skink. He had no real response to my monsters from his magic, and his Wildriders were preoccupied, so i tried boxing in and charging as many Glade Guard as i could with them. In combat, i slew the last Wildrider losing only 7 Sauri in the entire combat, and when i reformed to face the Wildriders my opponent facepalmed, making me think i had at least a chance this game.

    LM turn 4
    I charged further, getting my Sauri in CC with his other unit of Wildriders and his hero, and my Skinks were getting the better of the skirmishing battle, as i was rolling my poison. At this point i had 2 units of skinks left, my Sauri that were devastating his Wildriders, and the two Stegadons without wounds who were cornering their skirmishers. He had his Sisters, 3 more units of archers and his Wildriders and Hero which were about to die to my Sauri. The Javelins on the Howdahs were also doing a lot of work, every 6 to hit was a kill, and he was failing a lot of panic checks. The Sauri did indeed finish of his Wildriders, still having 15 dudes left.

    WE turn 5
    My opponent had little units left and a lot of space to hide, so put all his guys out of charge range and continued shooting with the few arrows he had left, killing like 5 more skinks. In the Magic phase, he tried to kill a Stegadon using the Strength test spell of the Lore of Dark Magic, and thankfully, i rolled a 4 for its Strength check, saving it (a 6 would have killed it instantly). No combats were left in the game at this point.

    LM turn 5
    My remaining skinks on the ground and on Howdahs witted down his Sisters, getting them to half strength for VP purposes. I trapped another unit of Glade Guard on the corner of the map, killing them with my Stegadon. We both had very little left, and there were no real possibilities to do damage, let alone my opponent's magic.

    WE turn 6
    With only one unit of Glade guard left and his sisters, my opponent tried once again to kill a Stegadon using the strength check spell, which fortunately i made again. As there was not much left, there was no further damage done.

    LM turn 6
    I had the possibility of one long bomb charge with my Ancient Stegadon on his Sisters, i needed an 8 and got a 6 on my charge. I could not really do more damage, so i shot my stuff and let him check panic for the last time for extra VP, and he made all his panic checks.

    Conclusion: Draw
    I had 2 stegadons, my Sauri and one unit of Skinks left. My opponent had his Sisters of Thorn with his Lord embedded in them left on half health, and he had one unit of Deep Wood scouts left. When counting up the VP, my opponent had 1 (!!!) more VP then me (the final score was something like 1863 vs 1864), making this a very close game indeed. I am pretty proud of myself that a got a draw out of this game, we both agreed that if my Slann did not go to say hi to some daemons in the warp turn 2 i would have won quite handily. The main mistakes my opponent made were forgetting my end of combat reform with my Sauri making it possible for me to kill the other unit of Wildriders for free, and not taking a BSB as a lot of damage done on him was due to panic. I also think the Lore of Shadows would have been a lot better for him, Pit of Shades would have made a mockery of my Stegadons in the late game when i did not have any magical defense left while the Strength checks of the Lore of Dark Magic were no real problem. My only real mistake was letting my Scarvet die on turn one, i did not consider how good Waywatchers are against Scarvets, especially if you do not take a Ward save build, so i will consider that for next time. All in all, this was a very fun game with a lot of swings back and forth, and i am looking forward to another forest struggle!
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    Sounds like you did a fantastic job considering your Slann self-destructed and you hero died on turn one. Well played!
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