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8th Ed. 2500 pt Tournament Report

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by livewaaaaagh, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. livewaaaaagh

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    Hey all! If you followed the army list thread for this tournament, you might know a little tournament took palce June 8th in Northeast US. I only got to get two games in, as I had a commitment that I needed to run to. however, I'll share some of main highlights:

    A quick summary overall: I had a pretty poor day of rolling. It was, as they say, "one of those days", when you have 3 dice that wound on 2s and you roll two 1s and a 2, for example. Additionally, I made some mistakes throughout.
    See my list: http://www.lustria-online.com/threads/2500-pt-tournament-list.23209/#post-279499

    Yes, I ended up fielding the MIGHTY TROGLODON!!!!!!!!

    Game 1:
    Opponent Warriors of Chaos.
    His list essentially was a Chaos Lord on foot, Deamon prince of nurgle, block of 20-ish warriors of chaos mark of khorne, and another 20-ish warriors of chaos unmarked with a BSB.
    + 2 units of 5 or 6 Chaos Knights.
    No magic or chaff.

    For this game, essentially, I forgot my reservoir die for 3 turns in a row.
    My stegadon failed a 6 '' charge on his chaos knights, and then got charged back. After 2 rounds of combat, he actually perished, while killing 3 knights in the process.
    I will go out here and say: "I don't really know how to deal with a flying, unbreakable deamon prince as Lizardmen". My main army used to be Dwarfs. How to deal? Cannon to the face. But with a 1+ and 5+ward, my skinks required a miracle to get a wound through.
    Eventually, he charged the back of my Temple Guard, who even buffed with Earthblood + Wyssan's couldn't take him down due to hitting on 6s. His chaos Lord then charged me as well and I made the mistake of accepting his challenge with my slann. This proved terrible as he had sword of anti heroes and was hitting with 7 or 8 attacks each time. This was one of my mistakes during this game.
    My Cold One Riders (5 of them) + Scar Vet with GW and Steg helm charged a unit of Chaos Knights and actually lost that battle handily (I also failed 2 dangerous terrain checks on the charge :(.) Luckily, He charged that unit also with Prince Sigvald, and in a duel, the Scar Vet took him down, so I killed his general.

    Other than that, I actually was able to re-direct and flank charge this mark of khorne warriors with my saurus, and buffed and everything, they won combat, but the warriors held due to a good roll.

    In the end, he killed my Slann on the last turn of the game, cold one riders, some skinks, stegadon and trogolon. I only got his general, and half a unit of chaos knights.

    Recap: As mentioned, I don't know how to deal with a flying, unbreakable deamon prince. His flank movements held me in checks, because I assumed if I get charged in the front by warriors, and on the flank by a deamon prince, I'm pretty toast. So I was very careful with moving.

    He always dispelled by Searing Doom on his chaos knights before they were engaged. Even buffed, I wasn't able to get through some of these combats. Or I would buff the Temple Guard in preparation for that Deamon Prince charge, and it wouldn't come.

    MVP here? Scar Vet.
    LVP: Troglodon maybe? Though the Steggy didn't do well. Or maybe even me, because I made poor decisions and choices.

    Game #2
    Opponent: High Elves.
    List: Archmage (lore of life), lvl 2 Mage (high magic), loremaster of hoeth, Noble BSB.
    Smalli-uh (25-30) unit of Spearmen
    25~ Swordmasters
    2 Eagles, 1 Frosheart Phoenix
    2 units of Reavers
    2 units of Archers
    1 unit of Phoenix Gaurd (Bunker for mages), but small unit like 15~

    This game was Blood & Glory Scenario (The fortitude one).
    For this game, the main combat took place in the middle, with my temple guard failing a charge on the spearmen, and then getting charged by said spearmen (with noble and loremaster) and frostheart phoenix.

    I had one amazing magic phase in which I got off mostly everything on these tempelguard (wyssans, earthblood, iceshard blizzard on spearmen, melkoth's -2 WS on the Phoenix). And they still suffered. Somehow the Spearmen, loremaster and noble got 8-ish wounds in one combat go through. (bad save rolls for me) combined with the -1Str from Frostheart. yielded few kills. I lost combat several times, but thanks to stubborn, I held.
    After 2-3 combat phases of fighting, the Slann took another challenge, this time from the noble and this time it worked. He couldn't get any wounds to go through and tied him up. At the same time, the Stegadon came charing on the flank. As the day went though, my thunderstomps were "1" and "2", in the 2 rounds of combat.
    Regardless, when it was all set a done, the Tmpel Guard were destroyed (even buffed...), but so were the Spearmen for the most part. The Phoenix was let out of combat once the TempleGuard died and flew off.

    At the same time, the Saurus took one for the team, and charged the Swordmasters to hold them up.

    After taking out some chaff, the Cold One Riders, were set up by turn 3 for a flank charge, or go after his Phoenix Guard bunker. I opted for the latter and charged in doing great damage.
    I had the game: if I overrun an average distance, I could even plow into the back of the Swordmaster, and in doing so kill the Phoenix Guard and his general. But double 1s saw him stick arround....

    Which ended up actually not mattering. Next turn, The scar vet did his thing with the Archmage, and due to fortitude, I took the win, as he dropped to 2 or 3.

    Recap: Another fantastic showing for the Troglodon, who charged into that Spearmen/Temple Guard fight, and was killed by spearmen & loremaster. (he did go in with 3 wounds left, but still...).
    Last few games I've had, My unit of Temple Guard have taken on White Lions (and won), Black Orcs (and won), massive high Elves Spearmen horde (and won) and more.
    Today? A deamon prince and chaos lord essentially took them out 1st game, and a small unit of spearmen and a frostheart took them out 2nd game. Very disappointing showing.
    MVP for this game: Scar Vet again. Slann did very well with magic for the most part and the challenge.

    Tournament Recap:
    Ended up 1-1, and really want to figure out how to deal with Warriors of Chaos better. Their warriors scare me, and their lords do as well.
    I've played a lot against high Elves as of late with good results. The Swordmaster starting carving into the saurus nicely, but by then, the rest was decided. Truth be told though: I played the scenario. If we were to go by Victory Points, then it would have been a tie, or even a loss for me.
    Troglodon might go into the drawer for the time being...
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  2. airjamy

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    This list sounds pretty strong. Nurgleprinces are not to be messed around with.

    This sounds bad. Reservoir is not that great already, even more so if you forget it. :p

    No army really does,, sadly. It is the strongest unit in the game, bar none (i am serious). We also not have that many ways to deal with it. A pair of properly fitted scarvets can deal with it (if you get the double charge off, good luck with that), and the bolt thrower Lore of Beast spell can do some damage. He is a very tough cookie.
    Sounds.. bad XD. It sounds as if your opponent came into a game with a full meta list against your semi meta list, so losing while taking some things of his off the board is not that bad of a feat tbh.
    So sad you did not have Salamanders. Salamanders against large units of Swordmasters is <3.
    Sounds like a really close and fun game!
    Did it get a flank? Tbh, if any monsters charges into a combat like that it should be awesome (spearmen are terrible against monsters with their S3, especially in their flank), so i would hardly call that an achievement for the Troglodon. I think a Stegadon would have survived that combat, with a better save and more wounds (and T if Ancient).
    Playing the scenario is what matters in a tournament, don't beat yourself over the head with VP's if they do not matter. If it had been about VP's, you would have played differently!
    They are really tough. I would like to recommend this thread to you if you want to read more about their Daemon Princes, they are indeed very good.

    It sounds like you had fun, good to know that there are still some nocomp tournaments around the world!
  3. livewaaaaagh

    livewaaaaagh Member

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    Thank you for the feedback and thank you for reading!

    I'll definitely take a look at that thread for the next time I face a deamon prince.

    Re: Troglodon - sorry if the sarcasm was lost through the forums. It totally underperformed. It got killed by the deamon prince first game, and charged the front of the spearmen and got killed before he was even able to swing back or thunderstomp. It was a bad showing by THE MIGHTY TROGLODON!

    It was a fun day of games - but it was also furstrating. Many bad rolls and mistakes on my end. But fun none the less. Next up looking like August!
  4. Lord Agragax of Lunaxoatl

    Lord Agragax of Lunaxoatl Eleventh Spawning

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    Yet more evidence to show how OP Warriors of Chaos were made in the last two editions of this game. It’s the one biggest flaw with Warhammer Fantasy, and I would say most people can see it (except Warriors of Chaos players), yet GW did nothing about it in their 8th Edition update. Indeed in 8th I think they made it worse.

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