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6th Ed. 2nd Game of 6th - Did I Learn Lessons From The 1st Game?

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Gary_M, Mar 26, 2019.

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    For my second ever game of 6th I lined up against a Vampire Counts player.

    Again it was 1500 points, gven we were both very inexperienced at the game.

    I didn’t get a full list from him, but it was something like:

    2 characters (Necromancer, Vampire Thrall)

    A block of 30(?) skeletons

    2 x 5 dire wolves

    A block of 30(?) grave guard

    10 black knights, with lance, barding etc

    My list

    Scar vet, Spawning of Itzl, Cold one, Burning blade of chotec, LA, shield, Aura of Quetzel

    Skink priest, level 2, dispel scroll. I got Urannons Thunderbolt (result!) and 2nd Sign

    25 saurus warriors, spears, full command

    10 skink skirmishers, scouts

    6 saurus cavalry, champion, standard bearer

    4 kroxigor

    5 chameleon skinks

    3 salamanders

    As my scouts deployed last, my oppo got +1 to see who goes first. He won and took first player.


    Starting with the top left from my point of view, if the table is split into 6 2x2 squares, there was a hill in the middle of the top left, wood top right touching the base line, hill middle of bottom right and marsh in bottom left. In the middle of the table were a couple of buildings.

    He placed 2 units of dire wolves to the right of the hill, then a big block of skeletons, grave guard block with characters and finally his knights to the left of the wood.

    I placed the scouting skinks behind the hill to my left of his outer most dire wolves, priest in the marsh, cold ones plus scar vet, sallies in position to move between the two buildings, saurus, krox on hill, and chamo skinks hidden in the woods.

    T1 went very badly for the cold bloods. 7 Zombies appeared between the sallies and the cold ones. He used a spell that enabled them to charge into the salamanders. 7 zombies, against a salamander and 2 skinks, who will strike first against the undead. Merely a speed bump.

    Yeah right! The salamander rolled 1 and 2 to hit, while the skinks also missed. Zombies swing back, kill a skink, win combat, I fail morale run, get run down, and a throw away unit of 7 zombies has just killed nearly 200 points of salamanders. They then overran into the flank of the saurus warriors.

    To quote King Theoden from LoTR, “And so it begins”.

    The rest of his army rolled forward. The right most unit of Dire Wolves turned to face the skink skirmishers behind the hill (I wasn’t sure of this as they were out of sight, but let it pass).

    So now it's 1500 points vs 1300!

    I moved the skinks up to blow pipe the dire wolves facing them, moved the chamo skinks out of the wood to shoot at the knights, moved the cold one cavalry to my left of the left most building. Yes they would have to deal with his chaff but should do so quite easily and then can threaten the flank of his army.

    Krox stayed on the hill (I had no wish to get them slaughtered by the black knights!)

    I magic I got UT off and killed two of the Knights.

    In shooting I killed one wolve (20 dice, 6’s to hit/wound. One 6!) and managed to plink off another knight


    He charged his direwolves at the skink skirmishers. I stood and shoot killing another two. Lost combat, fled, run down. But two remaining wolves chase off table

    His other dire wolves move forward to chaff the cold ones, while the skeleton block turns and moves a little to be in a position to flank charge the cold ones if they charged the wolves.

    Grave guard and knights move forward. The latter into the krox charge range.

    In magic he raised another unit of 8 zombies in front of the chamo skinks.

    In shooting, the chamo skinks kill 3/4 of the zombies.

    In combat I kill some of the zombies without losing a saurus but two of them are left.

    I charge the knights with the krox, and thought I had a cunning plan. Charge the scar vet out of the unit into the skeletons, and then move the cold ones up to stop the wolves charging the scar vet in the flank.

    I’d forgotten about the effect of combat res! While I killed a few skeletons I lost combat due to combat res, and then failed my leadership test, fled through the cold ones, who fortunately held. However the skeletons followed up into the flank of the cold ones.

    The krox charge however was devastating. There were 7 knights left in the unit. The krox killed 6 of them with the last crumbling. That was about 300 points retrieved. Against my losses we were back about even points.


    His direwolves charge the front of the cold ones.

    The off table wolves return.

    He whiffs their attacks completely, while make all my saves against the skeletons. I kill a couple of skeletons and then wipe out the dire wolves. Win combat, and are able to turn to face the skeletons.

    His grave guard also charge the krox. While I get a couple I also lose two krox. They also fail morale and flee but are not caught by the follow up. However the grave guard are now outside the charge arc of the saurus.

    I don’t lose any saurus and kill a load of skellies, and some more crumble.

    I rally the krox and scar vet in my turn.

    Saurus move forward towards the middle of buildings. His necromancer is standing there having left the grave guard earlier.

    The skinks kill off the last of the zombies.

    In combat I kill more skellies without losing any cold ones. While I’m grinding them down, I just can’t shift them.

    T4 – Getting a bit of a blur now so both halves of the turn done together.

    His grave guard charge the two remaining krox, who hold.

    The two dire wolves move towards my skink priest in the marsh.

    The Grave Guard kill one krox, the remaining one rolls two 1’s for morale and holds!

    My scar vet charges the two dire wolves. Wipes them out.

    More skellies die, but some remain. No cold one losses.


    Last krox dies, but they held up the mini death star which is out of position and will do nothing for the last turn.

    Skellies at last are gone.


    Cold ones charge the necromancer and kill him.

    We totted up the points and I had a very nice Solid Victory.

    In the after game chat he said that he had used his knights very poorly. I think the chamo skinks and then an early Urannons Thunderbolt put him off. My early rolling was dreadfull. The sallies, the shooting from the skinks skirmishers – Average for 20 shots should have been 3 sixes. I got 1!

    Magic was pretty poor. Apart form that early UT I didn’t do very much but was able to stop most of his better spells when needed.

    Happy with how I played, and of course with the win!
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    I'm pretty sure deploying scouts doesn't count for that +1 but my sixth edition rules lawyering is very rusty.

    Anyway, congrats on the win.
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