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Index 8th Edition and 9th Age Battle Reports

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Scalenex, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Scalenex

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    This is probably slow work in progress. It's starting blank as a placeholder. I'm going to search the old forums bit by bit to find battle reports that stand out as exemplary.

    high detail writing and photos

    Three Jungle Scenarios by Warden
    New World of Gold Scenario by Warden

    Warhammer 9th Age
    Narrative video

    Saurian Ancients versus Demon Legions by Casper
    Saurian Ancients versus Empire of Sonnstahl by Anubis
    Saurian Ancients versus Orcs and Goblins by Anubis
    10,000 points Saurian Ancients versus Empire of Sonnstahl by Anubis
    Tournament Summary by Anubis
    Orcs and Goblins versus Empire of Sonnstahl by Anubis
    2500 Saurian Ancients versus Empire of Sonnstahl by Anubis

    Links to Assorted 9th Age Youtube Channels

    Warhammer 8th Edition
    Detailed Writing and Photos

    2000 points Lizardmen versus Tomb Kings by @miturian
    Assorted battle reports by Ratlizardefguy by @Ratlizardelfguy
    3 LM vs Warriors of Chaos fights by @NexS1

    Detailed Writing with Diagrams

    2200 LM versus Dark Elves by @Kblock

    Detailed Writing

    2000 Invasion Scenario, Orcs and Goblins Invade Lizardmen by Scalenex
    2000 Invasion Scenario, Lizardmen Invade Warriors of Chaos by Scalenex
    2000 Special Scenario, Lizardmen versus four Daemon Princes by Scalenex
    2000 Lizardmen Necromancers versus Slaaneshi Chaos Warriors by Scalenex
    6000 points Lizardmen versus Dwarves by Scalenex
    2000 points Lizardmen tournament summary versus Dark Elves, Ogres, High Elves by Scalenex
    2000 points Undeath Lizardmen versus Undead Legions, two matches by Scalenex
    2500 points Lizardmen versus Brettonians Storm of Magic by Scalenex
    1201 Lizardmen versus Lizardmen by Scalenex
    2000 Empire versus Warriors of Chaos by Scalenex

    2400 LM versus Orcs and Goblins by @Man0waR
    Grand Alliance 4000 points WE and LM versus 4500 Skaven, WoC, O&G by @Man0waR

    2000 LM Cold One bus versus Empire by @JamJar

    2400 Lizardmen versus High Elves by @Gary_M

    Skink Chief's Campaign

    Video Reports
    1000 points LM versus Brettonians by @airjamy
    3 LM video reports tournament summary by @Thatguyoverthere11
    2000 points LM versus High Elves by @GSH51
    Post Age of Sigmar 8th Edition Channel
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  2. Lizards of Renown

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    Somehow only spotted this now.

    Great resource, will start going through it.
  3. Lord Agragax of Lunaxoatl

    Lord Agragax of Lunaxoatl Eleventh Spawning

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    How about putting up my Lizardmen batrep against my unofficial Swarms of the Hive Mind army list?
  4. Killer Angel

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