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9th Age Advice needed- What to sell, what to keep?

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Army Lists' started by Scavengine, Jan 9, 2021.

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    Hi all!

    I'm a new 9th Age player, and one of the armies I want to collect is SA. I also have someone interested in potentially buying some of my minis, and so I want to know what you think I should keep for my own future army growth, and what is probably fine to sell.

    I have everything I need for an Essence of War Quick Start SA list, and so I am def. keeping the following:

    Saurus champ. 1
    Saurus 15
    Skinks 15
    Salamander 1
    Skink priest 1

    Furthermore, I plan to keep the following (unless folks tell me these units stink):

    Taurosaur with all options 1
    Stygio/ Carno (plan to build both, swimming Stygio conversion) 1 (2?)
    Thyro with all options 1
    * I also have up to four weapon beast proxies

    Here is what I have "left over," and I'm not sure how much of the following I should keep:

    Classic 5th ed. monopose skinks 22
    New multipart skinks 15
    TOTAL: 37 skinks

    Classic 5th ed. monopose saurus 15
    New multipart plastic saurus 27
    TOTAL: 42 Saurus

    Saurus knights 6

    Temple Guard 16

    Old Metal Frog on palaquin with 4 bearers (metal) 1

    The Slann (the metal "coatl") is cool, but I am going for an Aztec theme, so I was thinking of getting a Reaper Minis Coatl and using that as my caster (pic attached). Thoughts?

    Also, what is a good price for that metal palanquin Slann with bearers if I do sell? The palanquin is glued, but it is complete and everything is bare metal.

    Thank you SO MUCH in advance for your thoughts/ help!


    Scav Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 2.19.33 PM.png

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