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7th Ed. Dispel scrolls and power stones

Discussion in 'Rules Help' started by Aparach, Nov 18, 2008.

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    In the Rulebooks section for magic, it says: You got ONE attempt to to dispel. It also says "Some magic items may allow a wizard a second dispel attempt, or reroll, but these are exeptions and in normale circumstances only one attempt can be made to dispell a spell"
    It also says...

    Oh, I kind of figured it out myself :p

    You have to declare uses of items before even rolling the dices for dispelling.
    That makes it clear enough to me.

    Well, sice I already has writen it down, I might as well post it. If other have doubts...

    Just to fill out what made it obvious:
    "It is not permitted to roll the dice and then decide to use a magic item retrospectively."

    Looks like I got myself an answer :)

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