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AoS Dread Saurians new list W.I.P

Discussion in 'Seraphon Army Lists' started by Dread Saurian, Sep 1, 2021.

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    Under the most optimal conditions you can deliver 30 multi-damage attacks at 2+/2+, rerolling 1s and doing MWs on 6s to wound.
    but without going so far, it's not that hard to deliver A LOT of multidamage attacks, and yes, of course roar.
    tnx to roar i took down a frostlord on stonehorn with runetoken and 14 wounds.

    My usual opponents: Lumineth, Soulblight, Fyreslayers, SCE w dragons, Ironjawz, Ogor with stonehorns, KO, CoS, Ossiarch

    It's not impossible to stop it, but it requires attention, especially if you use it as countercharger (which you should. don't use it as spearhead). Your opponent needs to focus on it.
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  2. Kakalou1

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    What do you think about the dread with this Season ?

    I am kind of stubborn and want to bring mine to a tournament ! At least no more vp for killing a monster but I am worried about hordes and all the attack they can accumulate to bring it down in one turn. At least it's no more a battle tactics to do it.

    I was thinking going with a Stegadon in battleline and kroxigors in Bounty hunter for the hammer but not sure about it.
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