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8th Ed. End Time Special Character: Lord Mazdamundi, Re-Awakened

Discussion in 'House Rules' started by hardyworld, Dec 10, 2016.

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    Below is my idea of the End Times Character we never got, but definitely deserved. Lord Mazdamundi's End Times leadership and magic abilities saved the world from the falling moon debris while simultaneously organizing the Exodus to save what Lizardmen he could from the world's eminent destruction. Here are some untested rules for your consideration for 8th Ed. End Times games.

    Designer's Note: Lord Mazdamundi, Re-Awakened is a very powerful Wizard, but suffers immense strain from wielding incredible arcane power beyond his breaking point. The combination of the Magic of The End Times pouring into the world, wielding the full power in the Geometric Grid reserves, leading the collective consciousness of the remaining Slann, and simultaneous multitasking on the battlefield/Lizardmen-Exodus/obliterating-the-falling-moon-to-save-the-world/etc. is far beyond the ken of moral minds. Mazdamundi's end is nigh, but can it be delayed until after the battle is won?

    Lord Mazdamundi, Re-Awakened - 900 points
    (Combined Profile)
    M6 WS3 BS3 S6 T6 W10 I2 A5 Ld10

    Lord Mazdamundi, Re-Awakened can be included in any Lizardmen army. His points cost counts towards your Lords allowance. Lord Mazdamundi, Re-Awakened and his mount, Zlaaq, have a combined characteristics profile, and are treated as a single model with an armour save of 3+ for all rules purposes. You may not take both Lord Mazdamundi and Lord Mazdamundi, Re-Awakened in the same army.

    Equipment: Cobra Mace of Mazdamundi, Sunburst Standard of Hexoatl
    Special Rules: Cold-Blooded, Supreme Shield of the Old Ones, Telepathic Confabulation, Stubborn, Immune to Psychology, Impact Hits (D6+1), Large Target, Scaly Skin 3+, Terror, Mage-Lord Supreme of Hexoatl, Telepathic Consciousness Coalescence
    Disciplines of the Old Ones: Becalming Cogitation, Harmonic Convergence, Soul of Stone, Transcendent Healing
    Magic: Lord Mazdamundi, Re-Awakened is a Level 4 Wizard who uses spells from either the Lore of High Magic or one of the eight Lores of Battle Magic in the Warhammer Rulebook.

    Supreme Shield of the Old Ones: Lord Mazdamundi, Re-Awakened has a 3+ ward save.

    Mage-Lord Supreme of Hexoatl: Lord Mazdamundi has the Loremaster special rule for whichever Lore of Magic he chooses to select spells from. Additionally, Lord Mazdamundi, Re-Awakened knows the Ruination of Cities spell and may generate 4 spells from any of the other magic lores available to him, in any combination. Declare how many spells he will know from each lore before spells are generated.

    Telepathic Consciousness Coalescence: Lord Mazdamundi, Re-Awakened adds +D6 to all cast and dispel attempts. At the end of each of friendly Magic phase (after any Transcendent Healing attempts), roll 3D6 and add the current player's turn number. For each point this sum exceeds 10, Lord Mazdamundi, Re-Awakened suffers a Wound with no armour saves allowed.

    Ruination of Cities: Cast on 20+. Ruination of Cities is a Direct Damage spell. Place the center of the large template anywhere within 18" of Lord Mazdamundi. All models under the template take an Initiative test. Models that pass the test suffer a Strength 5 hit. Models that fail the test suffers a Strength 10 hit with the Multiple Wounds (D3) special rule with no armour saves allowed. Any unit that suffers wounds from this spell has its movement rate halved (rounded up) in its next Movement Phase. Units with the Fly or Hover special rule and units that ignore all terrain effects are unaffected by the movement impairment spell effect, but still suffer damage as described above.
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