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AoS extra enhancement from battalion in path to glory?

Discussion in 'Rules Help' started by MackiMac, Dec 7, 2021.

  1. MackiMac

    MackiMac Well-Known Member

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    Can you get the extra enhancement from a warlord battalion in path to glory?
    If so how does it work? Do you note the enhancement in your vault or do you just pick a enhancement in the game you use the battalion?
  2. Kilvakar

    Kilvakar Well-Known Member

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    From what I understand after starting a path to glory game myself is that you do get an extra enhancement from the warlord battalion, and it it noted in your vault. You have to pick which one you get and as far as I know you can't change it. But in the aftermath of each battle I believe you are allowed to swap which hero is using your artifact or other enhancement.

    For example, I took the Command Entourage battalion in my starting list, as as long as I have my Saurus Oldblood, Skink Starpriest and Skink Priest in my army they can be a part of that battalion and it allows me to take an additional enhancement, which for our tier of battle means I can have one to start, one from my battalion and one extra, and since I did indeed pick up an extra artifact from a quest I can have up to three artifacts in my army. So my Oldblood has the Blade of Realities, my Starpriest has the Arcane Tome, and my Skink Priest has the Fusil of Conflagration.

    If I change my list up one game and don't have enough heroes to be in the Command Entourage battalion, I also don't get the additional enhancement for that battle. So if I only bring my Oldblood and Starpriest, for example, then I can only take two artifacts. Also, until we increase our tier of battle, even if I get more enhancements from quests or other battalions, I can still only use a maximum of three due to the tier of battle only allowing one additional enhancement at this level.

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