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AoS Fangs v Teclis

Discussion in 'Seraphon Tactics' started by Nikolaj Kirk Jordansen, Sep 17, 2023.

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    Got my butt real kicked by LRL this weekend, using the infamous Fangs list with Krondspine (I, know) Blizzards and all that. He shut me down being able to negate the effect of every spell on 4+, in addition, a ward on allocated wounds which backfires at me giving D3 damage each time. I didn’t get any of the two Blizzards through, he auto dispelled the Stellar Tempest each time, and/or dispelled or negated the effect of my spell.

    I think I most definitely need magic as a defense but it seems ridiculous to use that many points on magic to achieve nothing.

    How would you approach LRL with Teclis, 30 Sentinels, 10 Wardens, Eltharion and some horsey (forgot the name)?
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