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AoS Flaming Weapon Spell on Kroak?

Discussion in 'Rules Help' started by ProfessorSkink, Jun 9, 2022.

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    So I ran into an interesting scenario last night in a game vs Lumineth. I lost very quickly (he rolled amazing on mortal wounds and took 400 points of support heroes out turn 1 and didn't get the double turn I needed) but Lord Kroak stayed alive all game, the most mortals his archers could get as I took their numbers down was about 7 and 6 and I rolled well enough to stick around till the end. But Lord kroak got into combat with them and his close combat attacks were getting upwards of double digits of attacks on 3+ 3+ rend -1 which is pretty decent.

    So my question is since every army has access to universal spell enhancements, and each wizard gets a spell lore enhancement, can kroak take flaming weapon? It might be actually fun to run him into chaff or middle tier units with lots of attacks at damage 2 against things that don't have enough dps to actually kill him. I'm trying out some saurus cav lists that he runs up with and with the rumored troops updates the GHB is getting we might see more hordes again and I'm curious on if I can use this for Kroak.

    I figured since he was unique he had some rule or stipulation that didn't allow this, but if he can take Flaming Weapon I think it would be a lot of fun. Any clarification on this rule would be nice and if you could direct me to the specific rules that allow or don't allow this that would be even better.

    EDIT: I was digging through FAQs and found the bit that says unique units can't take universal spell lores. That really sucks, although I guess it does stop like Morathi and Archaon and other god models from using Flaming Weapon that could be really toxic
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