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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Scalenex, Aug 19, 2020.

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    How do I contact the L-O staff?

    The Report function will mark a specific thread or post with your communication and the all moderators that log on will see it. So this is the best way to contact us for specific issues with specific posts (which is the majority of the stuff people ask about).

    Otherwise send a private message to one or more of the staff here. Me, Scalenex, @Killer Angel, @Itepixcauh. @LizardWizard all are highly active here. The other moderators come and go as they please, like outdoor cats.

    Our illustrious leader @The Red Devil (long may he ribbit), spends much of his time in contemplation like a Slann, trusting us his servants to administer the day-to-day affairs of the forum while he ponders saving the world.

    Do not use the Profile Flickers to ask the staff to moderate something. The Profile Flickers are for casual conversation and light announcements.

    How do I delete a post?

    Any member of the staff can delete a post. Just use the "Report" tab at the bottom of the post and for the Report reason write "double post, please delete" or something similar and one of the moderators will get around to it, usually within six hours.

    I put a post in the wrong subforum, how do I move it?

    Any member of the staff can move a post. Just use the "Report" tab at the bottom of the post and for the Report reason write "move to the ____ forum" or something similar and one of the moderators will get around to it, usually within six hours.

    May I post points values and stats on Lustria-Online?

    Yes. This might change if GW tells us otherwise, but we the staff of L-O are operating on the assumption that this is okay. Kings of War is mostly open source. Age of Sigmar is mostly open source. Warhammer 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th edition is not technically open source, but it's no longer in print, so we are assuming GW is not going to be opposed to the sharing of information from these game lines.

    Use common sense. For the few things that are exclusive or otherwise not open source, please do not post it on Lustria-Online.

    What does _____ mean?

    Common abbreviations and jargon for Age of Sigmar games is here. Common abbreviations for Warhammer Fantasy and Old World stuff is here. A Glossary and Index of both official and unofficial GW lore is here.

    "Mahrlect" is a word I made for the Saurian language that Lizardmen/Seraphon/Salamanders use as their favorite swear word. That has sort of become the official cuss word of L-O.

    The Banner art is amazing, may I download it?

    No. The banner art was commissioned by a professional artist and is owned by our forum administer, the Red Devil, long may he ribbit. He wishes the banner art to be used exclusively by Lustria-Online.

    Can I change my username?

    Only our leader the Red Devil (long may he ribbit) has the power to change a username. If you misspelled your user name or otherwise want to change it, send The Red Devil a private message.

    How can I change my profile picture?

    How do ranks work?

    As a user makes more posts, the user will gradually rise in ranks from "Jungle Swarm" at 0 posts all the way to "Slann" at 5000 posts. Early on, members gain new ranks quickly but as time progresses, new ranks are acquired slower.

    How Do Forum Points Work?

    Points are awarded for a member creating posts and receiving likes. The maximum points any one can receive is 113. The main, if not sole purpose of points is to determine whether someone's title is New Member, Member, Known Member, or Well-Known Member.

    Moderators and "Slann" have custom titles.

    May I post about armies other than Lizardmen/Seraphon/Salamanders?

    Yes. We are happy to see your painted models for other armies. We are open to you discussing game play or tactics of other armies. We are happy to read fluff pieces about other armies.

    We even allow discussions of other game lines. Variety is the spice of life.

    How do I sign on to Lustria-Online securely?

    Where can I find Woogity Kroxigor models?

    Woogity owns the rights to them and is the sole provider of them. He has stopped selling them for the foreseeable future.

    Are we doing another custom dice order anytime soon?

    Probably not, but a very dedicated person can change this. Anyone can order custom dice from Chessex, but the price per unit goes down substantially if a bulk order is made. In order to facilitate this again, we need a volunteer who is willing to buy all the bulk dice, collect money from everyone and individually mail them their specific orders.

    It would be even harder now because whoever was acting as the middleman for this operation would be honor bound to disinfect all the dice thoroughly before shipping them out, and it's unclear if alcohol based cleaners will strip paint from dice.

    Someone posted something offensive, how do we stop it?

    Use the report function on the offensive post in question. We recommend you do not challenge the person with a reply to the thread, that usually makes it worse. Please do not send a private message to a moderator, we prefer situations like this, people use the "Report" function because it informs the entire moderation team.

    It is very rare that this is a problem on L-O. We work hard to foster a friendly atmosphere but we don't want to be overly sensitive either. If you disagree with someone, attack their ideas not the person. If you want to talk about politics or social issues, please do so in the General forum only and make sure you mark the title clearly with something like [political] or [controversial] in the title.

    Can I buy advertising on Lustria-Online?

    No, the forum owner, the Red Devil (long may he ribbit), does not wish to do this now or anytime soon. We did allow sponsors for the Golden Serpent painting contest and we do so again in the future. In this case we accept items as prizes but not money.

    Can I showcase my kickstarter or other product on Lustria-Online?

    Under certain circumstances we can showcase your Kickstarter on Lustria-Online. But first, it must be directly applicable to the hobby here. So war game miniatures, tabletop terrain pieces, dice, paints, etc. Second, you must create a profile on Lustria-Online and ask permission from the staff of Lustria-Online first. In such a case. We will plug your product in specific sub-forums for a set period of time.

    If you personally do contract work to paint other people's models, the best way to advertise yourself is post awesome painted work on the painting forums and put in your signature that you do contract work.

    Please do not use the Profile Flickers section to ask the moderators about advertising your product. Use a private message to a moderator.

    Can we create a place for buying and selling trading miniatures and bits?

    There used to be a sales/trade section but I believe it was closed down a while back due to inactivity. One of the issues are the great distances separating forum members. We have members in every continent except Antarctica. Shipping becomes a nightmare.

    How do the Tags Work?

    You can add a tag when creating a new thread by clicking on the box that says "Prefix" in the thread title line. You can add or change a tag to to an existing thread that you created by clicking on Edit Thread.

    The Fluff and Stories subforum uses it's own tag system.
    The painting forum has it's own tag system

    Gallery is a tag used in the painting or fluff forums. In the painting forums galleries are used for threads made up of fully painted and completed models (no WIP). Most galleries have a theme such "Stegadons" or "Slann." Most of them are in the Itza Gallery of Fine Arts. Gallery tags in the fluff forum refer to visual art, usually drawings or paintings. Most of them can be found in the Temple of Aartzifartzi.

    Tutorial represent how-to guides for whatever their subforum is concerned with.

    We have tags for specific gamelines too which are pretty self explanatory.

    AOS Age of Sigmar
    KoW Kings of War
    9th Age 9th Age
    Fantasy: All Warhammer Fantasy, 5th through 8th edition and the Warhammer video game.
    8th Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition
    7th Warhammer Fantasy 7th Edition
    6th Warhammer Fantasy 6th Edition
    5th Warhammer Fantasy 5th Edition
    40K Warhammer 40,000

    Age of Sigmar and Kings of War has their own subforums. 9th Age and Warhammer 5th through 8th edition are all lumped together. Admittedly the Fantasy forums are dominated 8th edition, but all iterations of Fantasy are welcome

    Admittedly, we do not have a lot of threads about 9th Age or 40K but the option is there at least in some subforums.
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