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KoW Goblins vs Salamanders [ELIMINATE - 2000 points]

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Itepixcauh, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. Itepixcauh

    Itepixcauh Stranded Ghekkotah Staff Member

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    Hello again my fellow Lizard-folk!

    It's that magical time of the month again, my monthly battle report is ready! This time I get to play with a new opponent and a new army I've never played against. It's Goblin time!

    His list was:

    - Legion of Rabble with Sharpness TOKEN
    - Legion of Rabble with Hammer TOKEN
    - Legion of Rabble with Slashing
    - 2 Hordes of Spitters, one with Piercing, other with Jar
    - Horde of Trolls with Staying Stone TOKEN
    - Horde of Trolls
    - Regiment of Sniffs with Keen-Eyeness
    - 3 Sharpstick Throwers
    - 2 Biggits
    - Wiz with Windblast, Bane-Chant and with Iron Crown
    - Wiz with Windblast and Scarletmaw’s Fenulian Amulet

    This is the list I took:

    - Horde of Ghekkotah Warriors with Strength
    - Horde of Fire Elementals with Nimble TOKEN
    - Horde of Tyrants
    - Horde of Skyraiders with Jar TOKEN
    - Horde of Ancients on Rhinosaurs with Healing Brew TOKEN
    - Regiment of Kaisenor Lancers with Pathfinder
    - Lekelidon
    - Skylord with Staying Stone
    - Mounted Battle-Captain
    - Mage-Priest with Surge, Martyr's Prayer and Inspiring
    - Mage-Priest with Martyr's Prayer, Bane-Chant and Banner of the Griffin


    My plan was simple, keep the combat TOKEN units inside the Inpiring-Rallying-Heal bubble in the centre objective, use my two glass cannons (Ghekkotah and Lancers) to inflict as much damage as possible into his TOKEN units until they explode and use my fast and range units to kill individuals, war engines and shut down his shooting.



    He got to choose sides and start deploying, the MASSIVE footprint of his army meant that I could issolate some of his forces ofn one side of the table and deny him a flank, so i did. He was clever though and the two units issolated were his fast shooting unit and the Jar spitters.

    He made a mistake in my view and that was to deploy all his token units next to each other and in the dead centre (The two Legions and Trolls in the centre of his line) that was great for me as I could concentrate on them and in a grind his units are not match for my meat grinders protected with Martyr's Prayer.

    We rolled for first turn and he won the roll again and took the first turn.



    With a roaring thunder his line advances forward, due to how big his units are the war machines have to move too, taking positions in the hill on the left flank while the shooting units on the right turn to face the centre and open fire.

    His shooting is extremely unsuccessful only managing some wounds on the Fire Elementals with a Wiz.



    Sorry for the lack of pictures here, I forgot about it completely but it was fairly simple turn, I move up staying outside his range while getting my Lancers, Ghekkotah and Ancients into range of his units. My skylord goes to the right flank to be distracting as there is no possible way to get sneaky with such a huge wall of green in front.

    His Sharptick Throwers are covered by his Trolls so I sidestep my Skyriders and move my Lekelidon onto the Hill and shoot his little Wiz in between the Trolls and Rabble, even being an Individual I destroy him with ease.


    He know I have the range edge so he just decides to give me the charges and position as well as he can. He manages to block my Lancers to be able to charge his Token Trolls very cleverly.

    His shooting is a mixed bag, all his Sharpstick throwers fail completely to do anything while the spitters and Sniffs on the right put quite some wounds on the horde of Ghekkos that manage to hold.



    I seen no better moment to release the fury than now so I do, first thing I do is make the Shamble with Nimble FE and position myself for an easy surge flank charge into the blue trolls, those should be done or at least wavered with that, but just for good measure and to protect them in case they fail I charge the Ancients into the token Trolls and the Lancers into the Legion on the far left to hold them away from the centre for as long as possible.

    The Ghekkotah warriors can't withstand another round of shooting so even being hindered I have to charge them into the centre Legion, the one with the Brew of Sharpness and die while at least doing some useful damage I hope.

    The shooting on the right is potentially too dangerous so my Battle Captain moves there and my Skylord moves into position to shoot the Sniffs and charge next turn if he is ignored.

    I surge the FE successfully and Heal the Ghekkotah, the Skyriders and Lekelidon both open fire into two war machines, wounding both (skyriders flopping terribly) and only one gets Wavered, Skylord wounds the sniffs but not even enough to do anything.

    I start with the Ancients and they do what they do best exploding the Token Trolls with ease, and reposition to face the Legion in front of them. The FE have the WORST roll I've eveer had to hit, and doing only 5 wounds in the flank, it was terrible. That horde is not even wavered.

    Lancers and Ghekkotah do some wounds and start to grind those huge legions down, special mention to the Lancers doing 9 or 10 solid wounds.



    He knows those blue trolls are doomed so he plans to at least take down one of my token units with them. The FE are hard as nails but the soft and squishy Skyriders are right in front of them all cocky so they charge them. The Ghekkotah get charged in the front and flank, the lancers get counter charged but the scary Ancients are too much for the coward goblins and they fail their Yellow-belly test.

    His shooting is better this time, Bane-chanting the Legion in the middle, wavering my Skylord and putting some damage to my Tyrants but not enough to scratch them.

    Combat goes as expected and the Ghekkotah get routed, but the Skyriders only get wavered leaving the Trolls with the rear exposed and the Lancers not even that. A very brave Biggit charged my FE doing one or two wounds.



    I countercharge with my Lancers into that Legion on the right, maybe if i'm lucky and get enough wounds on them I can waver them. Then charge my Ancients into the Legion in front of them and the Tyrants into the Legion on the Forest in the middle, again I don't care if they die as long as they hold those two units there until the rest of my army grinds away the left flank. The FE take the juicy rear charge on the blue Trolls

    I take my Battle-Captain into the sniffs over the obstacle to finally stop them from shooting.

    In my shooting phase I target the war engines again with my lekelidon finally killing one, one of my Mages heals the Tyrants and the other roasts the brave Biggit with a Fireball.

    In the combat phase the Lancers do extremely well again, and WAVER the legion! the FE destroy completely the Trolls and both the Ancients and Tyrants start the long and arduous job of grinding those HUGE legions away.

    But the best performance of the round is without a doubt the amazing Battle-Captain, doing 3 wounds on the Sniffs and wavering them!

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  2. Itepixcauh

    Itepixcauh Stranded Ghekkotah Staff Member

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    Not a very exciting or eventful turn for my opponent, he counter charges with everything he can and charges into the flank of my Tyrants with the Spitters.

    The shooting battle between the Lekelidon and the Sharpstick Throwers takes a slight turn into my opponents favour as they manage to waver the Beast. My Skylord gets shot again but this time he manages to get away with it.

    Combat is not that successful and all the units bounce off doing some damage but not much.



    All my line has held up the counter attack and now it's time to end this, I'm pretty confident in my chances here. I counter charge with everything I can and move my FE into a flank surge position against the Token Legion the Ancients are fighting. My Skylord launches himself into the Spitters on the Forest in the right.

    In the shooting phase, the Skyriders do well this time and kill off the other wounded Sharpstick thrower, my Mages do as expected and one heals the Tyrants for 5 wounds and the other surges the FE into the flank of the Legion.

    The mighty Lancers do another 8 wounds into the Legion taking them to double ones and my dice don't let me down, they are dead. The Battle-Captain goes again doing another 3 wounds and this time with a nice roll KILLING the Sniffs. I didn't roll double ones for the big combat on the middle and the Legion falls. The Tyrants do extremely well and Waver the other Legion.

    Now we are standing 4-0 with a contested central objective and appart from the Skyriders all my Token units are healthy.



    Sorry again because I don't have a picture for this turn but not much happens, The Spitters on the right counter charge the Skylord, the ones in the center like the chances of shooting better than fighting and do so at the Tyrants but don't even manage to waver them.

    The last Sharpstick Thrower tries to kill the Lancers but even at close range he fails all the rolls.

    The last Biggit tries to snipe one of my Mages, but again fails to wound him thanks to the defense 5.


    At this moment the game is already in my hands, not much he can do to kill any of my scoring units. I just go and finish the job, multi-charging the wavered Legion with my Ancients on the side and Tyrants on the front, the FE go into the lonely Biggit and the lancers charge the last war machine.

    Battle Captain can choose to help the Skylord or disrupt the Spitters in the centre and decides to go for the last option.

    In the shooting phase I Heal all the wounds from my Tyrants.

    The brave Biggit holds the FE fury somehow and doesn't die but the remainder Legion disperses, bravely, into forest.


    TURN 6

    Only the two Hordes of Spitters and a Wiz remain on my enemies side and the only thing he can do is countercharge them into combat. The Wiz has line of sight to the wounded Mages and tries to kill one with a lightning bolt but again he fails to hit with anything.

    In Combat the Horde on the right Wavers the Skylord again but my opponents Nerve rolls are truly terrible and can't seem to finish off anything.

    In my turn 6 I charge the Spitters in the back with my tyrants and the Wiz with my Ancients and they both disintegrate while the Battle-Captain disorders the other Horde and the two Mages heal all the wounds of my Units.


    We roll to see if we play a turn 7 and the game ends, with a total score of 8-0 and a sounding victory for the Salamanders!

    Tournament score was 19-1
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  3. Crowsfoot

    Crowsfoot Guardian of Paints Staff Member

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    And the Salamanders march on ;)
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  4. Lord-Marcus

    Lord-Marcus Sixth Spawning

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    Nice report
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