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AoS Help me back into the hobby with a 500 point list

Discussion in 'Seraphon Army Lists' started by Musings Of Cuaqhuan, Dec 29, 2022.

  1. Musings Of Cuaqhuan
    Jungle Swarm

    Musings Of Cuaqhuan New Member

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    Hi everyone, I have awoken from underneath my rock and want to start a small Lizardman/Seraphon project. I got rid of what I thought was all my Warhammer stuff but have rediscovered some old models I had hidden away. I've got a real old style metal Stegadon, 5 chameleon skinks and a partially complete old style Slann. These models are all unpainted and need a lot of T.L.C! As a fun project I'd like to make the smallest size army I can. I've never played A.O.S but looking online at a free PDF booklet it says you can play a game on a minimum 2 x 2 foot space, so I'm tempted to get back into the hobby fighting it out on my small coffee table - yes I have very limited space!!!

    I'm not after the best list in the world, I just want something playable with what I've got at hand. I've been on the warscroll builder and see it shows 750points is the smallest build, but I'm thinking more on the size of 500points for my table size (around the 2 foot x 2 foot size) and my nostalgia of the past when 500points was always your starting small battle size. Anyway, bellow is two separate lists I threw together and I'd be interested to know your thoughts on if they are playable and if the point level is suitable for something on the smallest table size possible. Thanks for reading all this!

    List 1

    - Leader: Stegadon with Skink Chief 305 points. (Just need to add a chief figure to the Stegadon and paint it up)

    - Troops: 5 x Chameleon Skinks 115 points

    - Troops: 10 x Skinks 75 points (need to buy these but they just fit in my total)

    Total: 495 points.

    List 2

    - Leader: Slann Starmaster 285 points (bit of conversion needed to make him fly-able and a complete model!)

    - Troops: 10 x Saurus Warriors 105 points (need to buy)

    - Troops: 10 x Saurus Warriors 105 points (need to buy) or swap for 5 x Saurus Guard to protect the Slann - yes I know it would put me 5 points over my 500 point cap!

    Total: 495 points.
  2. VikingRage

    VikingRage Well-Known Member

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    Points costs aren't really balance for 500pt games anyways, and your opponents are unlikely to have many more units than you (3-4 is pretty common). You will be an all in problem child with the slann dropping comet's call, hitting basically their entire army, every turn seems strong. Counter to that, the moment they shoot down your Slann you are down and out of the game.

    Your skink list plays the field better, and has a bit more it can do. I would recomment playing in starborn so you can teleport your stega chief right where it needs to be all day long.
  3. Colossal Marlin

    Colossal Marlin Member

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    As said above, you aren't going to really have a lot going for you in 500pts, so my honest advice for getting back into the hobby would be to just buy the models you like the look of.
    Between 1st edition and 3rd we've seen some drastic changes with Ripperdactyls going from one of our strongest units to being borderline difficult to justify including in any list. So GW don't care what you buy, things will change as new battle times come out, may as well buy models you want to paint and like the look of.

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