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AoS I feel like a grumpy old fart :<

Discussion in 'Seraphon Discussion' started by Pinktaco, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. mazz0
    Jungle Swarm

    mazz0 New Member

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    Or GW drop Warhammer Fantasy completely, and FFG pick up the rights, but outsource the modelling to GW? One can dream...
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  2. Madrck
    Temple Guard

    Madrck Member

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    Why would you tease a man like that?
  3. Arli
    Skink Priest

    Arli Moderator Staff Member

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    I'll add my Old Fart comment.

    I was thinking that my local meta would hate it, however, when I went to my local Club, there were a few guys that had played several games on Saturday that absolutely loved the way AOS played. I will give it a try. I like the idea of taking a fluffy list and being able to summon some models in. I haven't really been a competitive player. We don't really have tournaments that often.

    That said, GW going this route could open the door for a company like Mantic (KOW) to dominate their market. I think that will ultimately push GW to be more competitive with their product. So far, it has seen them release their AOS ruleset for free online.
  4. n810

    n810 First Spawning

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  5. Guran

    Guran New Member

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    I'm also feeling like an old naggin' fart. No wait, I'm not actually. The more I look at the aos stuff, the more I want to stay away from it. So we are now called Seraphon? So we share a name with Malekiths evil, chaos warped dragon pet? Did the people at GW even read through what they made?
  6. protector
    Temple Guard

    protector Active Member

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    Well through the games I have played I really enjoy some of the mechanics, I'm very much in favor of static hit and wound rolls, I love the increased wound on models and the structured monster rules based on wounds, there is actually quite a bit about the game that I think is amazing. But at the end of the day it is still incomplete, I'm very hopeful that more rules are released which will introduce some structure to the game.

    the best balance system I have seen is from @Ixt but even that still needs something due to quite a few models just being better than others at 1 wound. Skaven being a great example, they have 0 1 wound options that can remotely compare with our temple guard.

    But the game is fun to an extent, I highly suggest trying it out, don't nay-say or stand on the sidelines complaining about something before you actually use it.
  7. Rikard

    Rikard Well-Known Member

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    Yet another old fart here, started gaming when I was 11 and got into Lizardmen at 16 (over half my life ago...EEP!), I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed, but part of me still thinks/hopes there's something else on the horizon, despite what my gut, the internet and others say I can't help shake this feeling.

    Is this it? Is there where warhammer goes to die?

    No, it can't be. Whether AOS is developed into a system with regular tweaks to make it more appealing, more competitive, or even to bring it back in line to a truer form of 9th ed Fantasy, I don't think we've seen a true end with a re-hash of 35 years of fiction, fantasy and heroes new and old.

    Gamesworkshop might well be disinterested in listening to the fans, but no-one would be so foolish as to deliberately spite them, otherwise why re-brand it as the AOS, even if the internet was united and believed it to be the motherload of poor decisions, the fact that they made a decision to underline fantasy, as opposed to putting a line through it does show desire to keep it going.
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