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8th Ed. Lizzies vs orcs (campaign 2k points)

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Pieter Smeyers, Apr 5, 2021 at 1:02 PM.

  1. Pieter Smeyers
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    First of all you can find my setup here:


    His setup was the following:

    Black orc general (on boar joining the boar boys)
    Lvl 4 shaman (on boar joining the boar boys)
    Orc bsb (on boar)
    lvl 1 shaman (joining the orcs)

    23 normal orcs
    27 savage orcs
    14 boar big uns
    4 trolls
    Boar chariot

    So after rolling for scenery and spells this was the battlefield:

    deployment 1.jpg

    His tactic was to come in fast and hitting heavy, thus making room for my cham skinks to deploy behind enemy lines. As you can clearly see the left side only had a unit of skink skirmishers and sallies. The little scenery with rumble is impassable terrain, the mountains you can just walk over.

    So his lvl 4 had the following spells: signature spell, hand of mork (or gork dunno), 'ere we go and foot of gork (or mork whatever hehe). His lvl 1 had a spell that wasn't really worth mentioning. My lvl 2 skink shaman had lore of heavens and the following spells: uranons thunderbolt and wind blast (this last spell would be crucial).

    Turn 1:

    He starts and moves foward with all his units except his bsb on boar, the normal orcs and his chariot, he turned them directly towards my cham skinks in the back. His first magic phase... irresistible foot of gork (the buffed spell)... Killing the grand total of 23 saurus warriors in turn one (that is almost half my unit). I was already whimpering xD. But lucky for me he rolled a 1 and i could target his boar boys killing 5 of them. The result of the miscast was that both his wizards took a wound, no biggie.

    Right my first turn involved moving a bit foward, my kroxies also went to the left side my 2 big block of saurus warriors moved foward and my cham skinks ran to catch up with the giant. My magic didn't do anything really. So it was shooting time. My first unit of cham skinks targeted the giant and inflicted 5 wounds in one go. I was really happy about that. My opponent later admitted that it was a mistake to take the giant. It doesn't have any armor save so posion = wound :D.

    turn 2.jpg

    The next turn isn't really worth mentioning. He couldn't charge my cham skinks yet and i scrolled his foot of gork. But the cham skinks did manage to kill the last wound on the giant (he fell over hitting nothing hehe). The other cham skinks inflicted some wounds on the orcs. My sallies (misfired every turn) but did manage to kill a few savage orcs.

    Next turn my cham skinks were toast. Yet they did manage to kill a giant, a few orcs, had no luck wounding the chariot though. So he charged them with his orcs and chariot, needless to say, they died. But did manage to distract 2 units and his bsb for 3 turns. He alligned his trolls behind the building ready to charge my saurus warriors in the flank if they would be foolish enough to try and charge the boar boys. My smaller unit saurus warriors with no characters in it turned left to aid the kroxies. He stayed back hoping his magic would kill off my block of saurus warriors. Now here comes foot of gork again and yes again irresistible, this time only killing the grand total of 1 saurus... His result on the miscast table was -d3 lvls and losing spells according to lvls lost. He lost 3 lvls and only had the spell hand of gork left. Excellent :D.

    My turn again i moved my big block of saurus warriors between the building and the mountain. Let him charge, i can take it aslong as it's not a flank. My other block of saurus warriors turned back again facing the right side. Magic time, so he had put his bsb behind his trolls and my shaman could see them and it was time to push back those trolls against his BSB with wind blast, which worked (he dispelled thunderbolt), the trolls did take one wound and so did his bsb. My sallies did manage again to take out quite a number of savage orcs.

    He had to charge my skinks with his savage orcs but i fled, through my kroxies who also fled... His units at the back were coming closer to the main battle again. At this point he moved his trolls right infront of my block of saurus warriors. His boar boys wheeled a bit, facing the mountain. He then played hand of gork and it come through... His boar boys now moved over the mountain facing my block in the rear. Ow dang no good!

    I was slightly worried, my kroxies rallied, my skinks rallied, my big block of saurus warriors charged the trolls. Now magic time... Wind blast on his boar boys, buffed spell... It was casted and blew them 8inch away, just at the table edge, no way he could charge my saurus warriors the next turn in the rear. PWEH

    My sallies misfired again and had to take monster reaction test, which they passed.

    Needles to say i killed 2 trolls, they fled, i had to go after them, didn't catch em though.

    His next turned, he charged my skinks with his BSB, stand and shoot, 2 posion hits, rolled 2 ones, bye bye :D

    He had to charge my kroxigors again (because of animosity this time with his savage orcs). After my sallies killed alot, only 11 were remaining, so my kroxies took the charge. He charged his boar boys in my unit of still 30 strong saurus warriros in the front.

    The kroxies only took one wound from the savage orcs, i did save good. They had frenzy and extra hand weapons. kroxies did 4 wounds in return, he lost combat by one and fled, yet my kroxies couldn't catch em.

    Now for the big block of saurus warriors against the boar boys, he did declare a waagh so he got d3 combat result as a bonus... He actually won combat by alot, but i was steadfast so no biggie. Think he killed 7 saurus warriors + champion in a challenge and i managed to kill 2 boar boys.

    the end.jpg

    So in our campaign we have the rule that after you lost 1K points you can give up, he did so (the last picture you can see the template of the boar boys, but he already removed them hehe).

    Finally a victory for the lizzies in the campaign :D the heroes were the cham skinks and the sallies. Only 3 close combat that went on... The kroxies vs the savage orcs, the big block saurus warriors with chars against the trolls and the boar boys against the other big block (i'm not counting the cham skinks that got charged as close combat :p).

    Hope you enjoy reading it and it is a bit clear to follow :)
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  2. Lizards of Renown

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    Well done for the victory!
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  3. The Great White Lizard

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    Ha! It sure feels terrible when you're on the receiving end of a cannonball that one-shots your monster, but at least we get to return the favor with skink poison. It was interesting to see that wind blast come in clutch as it's usually useless for me.

    "Hey, wanna like roast some orcs or something?" "Nah let's just eat some more skinks."

    Awsome battlerep!
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  4. Pieter Smeyers
    Cold One

    Pieter Smeyers Active Member

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    First time that spell was actually usefull hehe

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