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KoW Manufactures for Salamander models

Discussion in 'Salamanders Discussion' started by RitterKuhnibert, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. RitterKuhnibert
    Jungle Swarm

    RitterKuhnibert New Member

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    Good Morning,

    beside my EoD army I'm planing to start a Salamander army. And what time could be better then now? New edition, new rules...new army...

    At the moment I'm trying to locate all possible miniatures out there in order to find my skeletal structure.

    I already know of the following manufacture: GW, Lost Kingdom, Mantic...but are there more models out there to cover the range of the Army?

    Couldn't find a overview in the forum...or have I missed something?
  2. Jack Trowell
    Cold One

    Jack Trowell Active Member

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    Have you tried Reaper Miniatures ?

    They are maybe not the best for ranked units, but for heroes and mosnters they have a very large range of useable models.

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