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KoW Night-Stalkers vs Brotherhood [INVADE - 2000 Points]

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Itepixcauh, Jan 8, 2019.

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    Hello again!

    I'm very happy today fellow wargamers because I was able to snatch a game outside my usual schedule. My good friend Iñaki had finally built all his Night-Stalkers from the Vanguard KS and wanted to test them, who am I to say no?

    His list is as follows:

    - Horde of Scarecrows with Hammer of Measured Force
    - 2 Hordes of Butchers
    - Shadow-Hulk
    - Butcher's Block Formation
    - Regiment of Doppelgangers
    - Regiment of Shadowhounds with Haste
    - Troop of Specters with Jar of the Four Winds
    - Troop of Phantoms
    - Mind-Screech
    - Shade with Blade of Slashing
    - 2 Horrors with Bane-Chant

    Mine is this:

    - Horde of Spearmen with Strength
    - Horde of Martyrs
    - Regiment of Abyssal-Hunt
    - Regiment of Initiates
    - 2 Forsaken Beats with Ensnare and Breath
    - 2 Siege Artillery
    - Swain's Rangers
    - Troop of Reconnoiterers
    - Devoted with Martyr's Prayer and Inspiring
    - Devoted with Heal (4) and Shroud
    - Exemplar Hunter on Horse
    - Adjutant on Horse with Lute

    I chose to test out the list I wanted to try in my next league game so we went for Invade too. I know taking shooting against Night-Stalkers is not ideal but I like to test my lists against all comers so this is exactly the type of adversary I look for.


    He got to choose sides and chose conveniently the side he was unloading on... we've all done that, admit it.

    This i how the board looked like after deployment and Vanguard moves.


    TURN 1

    I win the roll for turn 1 and as usual with my Brotherhood i decide to take it as to maximize my shooting with the Siege Artillery, they probably won't be alive for a long time as that shade behind the Spectres is probably going to jump over and attack them. I have my Hunter there to intercept it but to be honest i don't really care much as those units are just a mere distraction for him.

    The rest of my line moves up aggressively to lock his units into his half early on, my survivability is excellent and if I can lock him into his half this early on the most probable thing is he won't be able to score.

    I do some shooting and put some wounds into the Mind-Screech but both my Siege Artillery fail to hit the Shadow-Hulk, my plan is to shoot into him all the time as he is height 4 and the only thing not stealthy.


    My plan has starting to work, instead of trying to push forwards he stays in place, pinned down by my threat range, so far so good. I realise i made a big mistake with my Rangers as I forgot is Phantoms could fly and they were of course in range. Hopefully the mighty rangers will survive. I also made a mistake, and a big one, moving my Hunter, I positioned him in a place where he could hide his Shade from me, that was sloppy on my part, now I can't intercept him, for at least a turn.

    He shoots the Spearmen doing some light damage but nothing really relevant. In Combat the Phantoms do something like 8 wounds which is crazy on the poor Rangers, but the massive Nerve they have means they will fight back.



    My aggressive approach seems to be working well, so I keep pushing more, my Martyrs are in range of those Scarecrows and I take the charge, same goes for the Reconnoiterers on the Butchers to block them from multicharging my Spearmen (I doubt they can survive a charge from both Hordes of Butchers at the same time), I advance hard into the hill with the Spearmen and move my Cavalry into charge distance, this is when I realised I messed my deployment as the left flank is highly congested and I can see know that most of my units will be on the way of each other for the rest of the game. I hope I can deal with it.

    As I cannot intercept the Shade I can very well help the Rangers and I charge the Hunter in there.

    I shoot both Artillery into the Shadow-Hulk, one gets a hit and i roll a 4 for the blast, not bad at all, I'm already rejoicing thinking of those sweet 6 damage I'm going to put into that thing, then I roll to wound and .... I get FOUR ones, yeah. Some healing is done here and there.

    I start the combat phase with the Recons that manage to get one wound through, they already did more than in any other game before dying, not bad. The Rangers and Hunter do 6 damage to the Phantoms, but they survive thanks to Mindthrist. The martyrs though... my god they were angry, They put 10 massive wounds into the Scarecrows, then I roll a 9 in the Nerve and my opponent says they are dead and that I should roll again, I tell him to chack if their Nerve is really -/19 as I couldn't believe they had such a low Nerve, he checks and says it's correct so I roll again and roll another 9 killing them. (When writing this report i recreted the list in Easyarmy as I always do to check if i'm missing something and saw that their Nerve is -/21 and they should have survived, but as I have no idea of the army and my opponent was sure there is not much I could have done)



    My opponent pulled a very nice trick here, I actually praised him because I wasn't expecting it. Being as congested as I am on the left he needed a way to shift his line to the right and taking advantage of the gap leaved by the Scarecrows he multicharges the Dopplegangers and Butchers into the Martyrs and corkscrews the other Buthchers into the Spearmen, leaving space for the Shadowhounds and Shadow-Hulk to charge the poor Recons. Very neat move, now he's freed up all his line while i'm still extremely congested. The shade finally reaches it's target and charges the unpainted Artillery.

    The only target for his shooting is the Hunter, and the combined efforts put 5 wounds on him but he holds. He bane-chants succesfully with both Horrors

    Combats go well, with the Shade killing the Artillery, as do the Hounds and Hulk with the poor Recons. Both my Hordes hold well but the Martyrs are heavily wounded, they won't withstand another turn at this rate, the Dopplegangers have to go away.



    Even with the Recons dead, there is no way I can fit all my units in there due to that damn piece of Impassable terrain, again I feel that is going to bite me in the ass. The Shadow-Hulk is exposed though and for once I have my monster hunter cavalry in a spot where they can, well, hunt a monster so I charge them in with joy. My Martyrs counter the Dopplegangers hoping to kill them in one go and my Spearmen countercharge the Butchers. Again both my Rangers and Hunter charge the Phantoms as he is AGAIN out of range of the Shade.

    My shooting is basically used to dispense some very needed healing into the Martyrs as the lonely Artillery misses. Oh I almost forgot! I managed to Breath the Hounds with both my Beasts doing some very useful damage.

    The Martyrs do quite well and manage to Waver his Dopplegangers, which is annoying but not that bad as they are basically providing cover from his shooting now. The other two combats, well, let's just say that a monster hunting cavalry is pretty effective at hunting monsters (go figure!) and the shadow-Hulk dies, the Spearmen, the star of the army obliterate the Butchers in one go, I'm so proud of them! The Hunter finally manages to kill the Phantoms and backs up to be in range of the Shade next turn if that damn thing decides to charge the second Artillery.

    Not a bad turn at all. I'm a happy peasant.



    My last turn dealt a huge blow into my opponents army, but he is a very good player and I knew he could at least do a very good amount of damage to me. His movement again was ACE. HE corkscrewed the Butchers into the flank of my Spearmen (OUCH! lesson learned, CHECK YOUR ANGLES) ans charges the Hounds into my Abyssal-Hunt.

    He made the decision to shut down the Martyrs with fire and he shoots everything into them, but they are very tough and hold without a problem.

    My brave Spearmen rout, poor guys but the Abyssal.Hunt hold very well. He pushes his Butchers forward to keep limiting my movement, clever, very clever.

  2. Itepixcauh

    Itepixcauh Stranded Ghekkotah Staff Member

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    TURN 4

    Table is getting quite light all of a sudden, I wasn't expecting to loose my Spearmen so soon, that hurt a lot. I counter the wounded hounds with my Knights and decide that as my beasts are poorly positioned and I cannot charge with them, I will just move to block the Butchers with them and Breath them. My Initiates just keep waiting patiently in line.... Great.

    On the other side of the battle my Hunter now free charges the Shade hoping to pin it in place.

    My shooting is mostly healing with both breaths doing very little due to his defence 5 and Stealthy.

    On the combat phase my Hunter that can't hit with more than two attacks puts some wounds on the Shade, the Martyrs do well but AGAIN only waver the damn Dopplegangers (although at this point I'm not that mad as he is shooting me with a cover penalty, not sure if I really want those guys dead). The mighty Abyssal-Hunt, wow what a way of over perform after a lot of games where they couldn't roll to save their lives, literally. They kill the hounds in one go and reform to face the Butchers on the Hill.

    His turn is very simple, he charges the Butchers into one of my Beasts and the Shade into the poor Rangers that just can't take a break.

    Everything shoots into my Martyrs again, but they again hold perfectly as do my Beast (ENSNARE BABY!) Rangers get Wavered but they hold, they are just an amazing tarpit.


    TURN 5

    Frustrated with how I made myself the game much harder than it needed to be, I just decide to move my units out of the way as much as I can, so I move both my Beasts out and charge the Butchers with my Abyssal-Hunt I sidestep the Initiates to finish the butchers next turn in case they need it. My Hunter charges the Shade again and of course the Martyrs decide to finish the Dopplegangers as, realisticly, they can't survive another round of combat against them. They are going to die from shooting for sure but at least I take away another scoring unit.

    I Heal again and proceed to the combat phase, my Hunter manages to Waver the Shade, the Martyrs kill the Dopplegangers finally but the Knights can't take the Butchers of the board.


    He is sneaky again, and I realise how poorly I moved last turn due to frustation, he corskscrews me again into the rear of the Beast with the Butchers.

    His shooting is brutal and the Martyrs get destroyed but they performed as expected holding his whole line for the entire game. Butchers kill the Beast and reform to face the Knights.


    TURN 6

    We both know the game is pretty much over but with KoW you never know, so we dive deep into turn 6, I charge both my units of Knights into the Butchers and move the MIGHTY KEV into shooting range of his Mind-Screech.

    I Heal as usual and Bane-Chant the Abyssal-Hunt, then shoot everything into the floating brain and pop it, I imagine that with a disgustingly wet sound,

    My Knights mow down his Butchers with ease and the Hunter wavers the Shade again.


    With only one scoring unit in his army my opponent concedes.



    With a total score of 5-0 the Brotherhood rides victorious once more, what a great and challenging game. My opponent played extremely well and I just wish he wouldn't had mistaken the Nerve of the Scarecrows.

    I made some really terrible decisions deploying, I should have put the Initiates on the right, just in front of the Artillery. That mistake got me really frustrated and sloppy in the later turns. Still a win is a win but I really need to think carefully about angles when reforming after combats.

    Thank you for reading!

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