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AoS Seraphon Army List (New PLayer)

Discussion in 'Seraphon Army Lists' started by Choppski, Jan 9, 2022.

  1. Choppski
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    Hello Everyone,

    i am new to AoS. I would like to build a Seraphon army. But I do not know where to start or what to look for. I have never played Age of Sigmar and would like to start with it.

    I have a Seraphon battletome and the seraphon start collecting box.
    What do i need to build a good beginner army? What options from the seraphon start collecting box would be useful? It starts with the carno, what would make the most sense? Is the carno oldblood or carnovet more useful? Or should i take the Troglodon? I would prefer a saurus army.

    Can you recommend me a beginner army list?

    Many Thanks in advance
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  2. Just A Skink

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    Welcome to Lustria. You've chosen a great army in Seraphon/Lizardmen. Seraphon might take a bit of play to understand them, but are lots of fun and have the best dinosaurs in the game (well, we have the only dinosaurs in the game). I recommend this thread to start Getting the most from your Start Collecting Seraphon box.

    That said, Saurus, while iconic, are only in a so-so place with the 3.0 rules, as are many units on 32mm bases. Regardless, Saurus are a solid choice and you'll probably want to stay with Coalesced Seraphon, and the Koatl's Claw subfaction (or maybe Thunder Lizard).

    I recommend you build the Carnosaur as the Scar-veteran. He's not quite as "tanky" as the Oldblood, but is fewer points and still hits hard. Plus, he has a potentially more useful command ability. Saurus Warriors should probably be built with clubs. Their rend will help you overcome some armor saves. Saurus Knights should probably be built with spears, since you have a chance to get extra damage on a charge.

    Going forward somewhat depends on what you want to do. IF you want to stay heavy Saurus, then I suggest 1-2 more SC boxes and a separate box of Saurus Warriors. Saurus Warriors with spears are good for their number of attacks, but you need a full unit of 30 to make it really effective. Otherwise just keep them as clubs. Plus, you will need more Knights, which are probably Seraphon's best all-around Saurus unit. Even in MSU (minimum sized units) Knights are strong with the right buffs/spells. That also gives you the option to build another Carnosaur (or two) as an Oldblood, or another Scar-vet or even a Troglodon if you want. Oldblood and Trog are a bit expensive in the game.

    Other than Saurus:
    -A Slann is a must have for Seraphon, no only from a lore perspective but they are powerful wizards in AoS.
    -Saurus Guard to protect the Slann. You only really need a small unit of 5, but the Saurus Guard box gives you 15.
    -Skink Starpriest and/or Skink Starseer. These each have their place, even in a Saurus heavy army, to get the most out of your lizards. You'll see from the "Getting the most" thread that you can build a proxy Starpriest or Priest (maybe a Starseer if you get really creative) from the SC box.
    -Bastiladons and Stegadons are dinosaur goodness that are very effective in 3.0 right now. If you decide to shift over to the Thunder Lizard subfaction, then you will not be disappointed in either. The Bastiladon should be built as the Solar Engine. The Stegadon has several options: Great bow. Flamers. Skink Chief hero. Engine of the Gods hero. I think you'll only ever need 2 Bastis and probably only 2 Stegadons with a potential for more if you have $$.

    I would seriously consider a SC: Skinks box. You get a Starpriest, a unit of Skinks, a unit of Terradon/Ripperdactyls and a Bastiladon. All nice additions. The Starpriest is a small wizard with a really useful buff. The Skinks offer some ranged combat and can be used as a fast chaff unit, or you might be able to proxy them as Chameleon Skinks if your gaming group allows. I've already mentioned the Bastiladon. The flyers should be built as Terradons for now. They may not be amazing in Saurus armies, but are a VERY fast harassing unit.

    That's enough of my rambling. There are plenty of threads discussing how to get the most out of Seraphon. So stay and explore the jungle for more hidden treasures.

    EDIT: Just an extra suggestion. You might already know this, but there are LOTS of Seraphon/Lizardmen alternative models available if you don't like the GW sculpts, or just don't want to pay their prices. That does depend on where, and how, you play. Tournaments and most local GW stores don't allow competitor models.
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