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AoS Seraphon vs SCE 1k

Discussion in 'Seraphon Army Lists' started by Zato, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Zato
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    Zato New Member

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    Hi all, newbie here!
    Well not a newbie at all since I started the hobby with Chaos Dwarf back in those days, but have been reading many posts from this page, quite helpful!
    So next week I'm having my first AoS 1k battle against Stormcast Eternals. I don't know my opponent, but he play every week at my store.
    My army build as follows:

    Realm: Aqysh for - 1rend on projectiles
    Scar-Vet on Cold One (100) General
    Incandescent Retrices
    Skink Priest (80) Cloak of Feathers
    Bastilodon w Ark (280)
    Stegadon w Bow (220)
    20 skink w blowpipes&shield (120)
    10 skink w pipe&shield(60)
    10 skink w jav&shield (60)
    Salamander x2 (80)

    My plan is to kite the enemy with the skinks while dropping snakes with the bastilodon, snipping heroes with the steg and support with salamanders. The battleline is pretty squishy but otherwise I like to take the mammoths with me. I have many other options, Carnosaur, Knights, Saurus...Sadly no Chamos or Slann. Any advice? What Command trait for the general should I get? What would be a good way to use the ScarVet? I would appreciate any comment on my list, as I have many questions and no experience in battle! :D
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  2. LizardWizard

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    Welcome to Lustria!

    Not sure if you are playing on the Realm of Aqshy or choosing it as your realm of origin. If you playing in that realm you will have access to their spells. However, choosing Aqshy as a Realm of Origin will only grant you access to their artifacts.

    As for command traits I would take Disciplined Fury for the ScV on Carno. Alternatively, you could make your Skink Priest the general and give it Master of Star Rituals.

    In terms of how to best use your Carno, I prefer to use them to engage targets of opportunity. Their speed and high damage output make them capable of targeting weak points in enemy formations. Think of it as your second wave. If you send it in early it will be collapsed on and killed quickly. Hold the Carno back and wait for its moment.

    At 1k points you need to be getting good value out of all your units. Don't hold your Steggadon back for too many turns. You will likely need its combat attacks around turn two or three.
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