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AoS Shadowstrike vs Nagash

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Caleb ex nihilo, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Caleb ex nihilo
    Chameleon Skink

    Caleb ex nihilo Well-Known Member

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    I played a friendly game against Nagash this past weekend.

    My List:
    Slann (Great Rememberer)
    Oldblood on Carnosaur (Doppleganger)
    Skink Priest (Feathers with Betrayer's Crown)
    3x10 Skinks
    6x Ripperdactyls
    8x Razordons
    Shadowstrike Battalion

    Nagash's List
    2x Mordghast Harbingers (big dudes with halberds)
    40x Skeletons
    40x Skeletons
    10x Skeletons

    Blood and Glory (Two objectives in each player's terreitory. Hold all 4 after turn 3 and win a major. Minor win for kill points if no one holds all 4 by end of turn 5).

    Slann rolled +1 to run and charge for constellation, which is the one I wanted!
    Moved the Skink priest and Skinks 2D6 from Shadowstrike.
    Got 8" for the Priest, so he was headed straight for a 40 blob of skeletons on his right objective.

    The plan was to nuke one horde with the Priest, rip up the Nagash screen with the Rippers, and get the Carno onto either the Necro (only other hero) or the Harbingers (his fastest unit).

    Turn 1a (Seraphon):
    Due to drops, I went first... which was my plan! Since the Priest and skinks were already half way up the field, the Skink priest easily made it to 3" outside the corner of one of the Skeleton hordes.

    Both EoTG were within 25" of the Harbingers (my preferred target for their mortals), but they both rolled REAL low. No summoning or mortals from EoTGs turn 1.

    Teleported Carnosaur to a position to hit priority targets... but it took both teleport rolls (two 4s) and he was going to have to make an 8" charge (+1 from constellation)

    Put bloat toad in range of skellies and Harbingers.

    In movement, dropped Rippers onto Nagash's screen of skellies. Moved Razors up field (no targets in range). Moved skinks to better screen, etc.

    Charges - Rippers and Priest couldn't fail because of the +1 to charge. Carno failed twice! Ugh.

    Combat - Priest and Betrayers Crown did 13 mortals. Statistically about average probably... was hoping for more... but hey... 13 mortals from an 80pt model! Not bad!
    Rippers did 40 wounds.... unfortunately the skeletons save rolls were INCREDIBLE. Rolled a TON of 6's.
    He killed off a few rippers, not not more than expected.

    Battleshock - He had to use his command point from battalion to save his big screen unit of skellies around Nagash. The other unit (hit by the Priest) battle shocked off a handful more of skellies.

    Turn 1b (Nagash):
    He brought back a bunch of skeletons. Cast like 9 spells. Mostly at the Carnosaur who was stuck 9" away. Killed off one or two rippers, but not enough to free up his skeletons. He sent his harbingers after the Carnosaur. I used doppleganger this round, but the Carnosaur was so de-buff from all of Nagash's spells, he only did 2 wounds to the Harbingers.
    By the end of the turn, he had killed the Carnosaur and the Rippers. Somehow my Skink Starpriest (in cover, rerolling saves) was still alive holding up an entire unit of skeletons!

    Turn 2a (Nagash)
    Nagash gets the double turn. Heavilyy damages and debuffs the two units of razrodons and then charges both units of Razordons with skeletons (rolled overwatch on one, but they missed most shots due to debuffs) and skeletons proceed to kill 2 of 4 razordons in one unit. Nagash is basically just advancing up the middle with skeletons and harbingers while leaving the 10 man unit of skeletons on one objective and Necromacer and the other unit on his other objective.

    Turn 2b (Seraphon)
    One EoTG rolls for summons and I bring back some Rippers. The other EoTG rolls for mortals. I put them into the Harbingers to start trying to bring it down. I teleport razordons that were in combat back out of combat to start putting pressure on his back two objectives. I don't have enough room to summon skink screens from slann, so I bring in a third EoTG. I basically just start wearing down his back two units of skeletons in preparation of my turn 3 move. I charge two of EoTG into the front of his long stretched out line of skeletons. Wasn't too worried about getting much damage back, just wanted to keep that big unit pinned in place. Rippers failed charge into Harbinger.

    Turn 3a (Nagash)
    Nagash gets turn 3. Heavily brackets two of the EoTG and nearly kills the Slann (1 wound left). But he further spreads out his forces... and now I know i've got him!

    Turn 3b (Seraphon)
    I roll for EoTGs before i teleport and 2/3 roll mortals... so i snipe his back objective hero with them. I teleport two of the three EoTGs back behind his objectives. I get 6s on both teleports! So they will be charging what's left of those skeleton units on those objectives. I also get my last unit of razordons in to position on his back objective and skinks into range as well. Combat sees the heavily debuffs EoTG not do much, but the other one send Bony Skeletons flying! Almost capped both of his, but only have 3 of 4.

    Turn 4a (Nagash)
    Good grief! I can't get turn priorities to go my way this game! He made a critical error here though. I think he probably could have taken his Harbinger to my open objective and made it a bit harder for me to cap all four (Harbinger was hurt though). He cleared the rest of a few screens with spells and sent Nagash back to one of his objectives but got bogged down by some skinks (who weary fightered). His harbinger wiped some rippers instead of retreating to one of my objectives. Mistake on his part, but I think I still could have taken out the Harbinger next turn.

    Turn 4b (Seraphon)
    At this point it was over. I didn't need to do anything with the skinks that were right by Nagash, they had that objective. His other objective was easily cleared by an EoTG and 4 razors. Slann teleported over to my open objective and would have summoned in 30 skinks if we have played out the turn.

    Major victory! Scored all 4 objectives after turn 3.

    MVP - Skinks as usual.
    Most Fun Unit - Skink Priest (ballistic missile to hit a horde was just fun)
    Most Useful - The EoTGs! Sometimes they are useless when they roll poorly, but then they come in clutch and snipe the hero you need to get rid of!
    Most Useless - Carnosaur. If I hadn't rolled two 4s for teleport or failed two 8" charges, he would have been more useful. He did hold up the enemy in their own territory for a turn though. So that's nice.
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  2. Wilhelm Stürmer

    Wilhelm Stürmer Well-Known Member

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    Excellent use of LoSaT. I know that feeling about missing important charges, happens to me far too much!
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  3. Seraphage

    Seraphage Well-Known Member

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    Excellent report and well played. Can't wait for more !
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  4. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning Staff Member

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    Good report, congrats for beating the old bonelord!
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