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AoS Skink Priest

Discussion in 'Rules Help' started by Milcioo, Nov 17, 2021.

  1. Milcioo
    Jungle Swarm

    Milcioo New Member

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    Hello fellow Seraphon players

    I have question about skin priest command Ability 'Herald of the Old Ones'. 'A unit cannot benefit from this command ability more than once per phase'. So I can only benefit for one attack per phase, for example when I shoot with my bastiladon i got +1 to hit on first shoot, then when I use ability to shot again this buff does not count? Or it was only preventing stacking +1 to hit multiple time in AOS 2.0.

    Thanks for answers!
  2. ProfessorSkink

    ProfessorSkink New Member

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    Herald of the Old Ones is used in the hero phase, the old rules on the warscroll say you couldn't run two skink priests and stack it on the same skink unit for example. The new 3.0 rules now only lets Herald of the Old Ones be used once, where in 2.0 each priest could give it to two distinct units. The +1 to hit stays on the unit until your next hero phase, so it will already last through shooting and combat until it's your hero phase again.

    It's still one of the best command abilities for that reason, it doesn't only last a phase like all out attack. However the stacking is at best +1 now, so if you all out attack with herald it maxes at +1, best to use all out attack on a different unit.

    Herald is invaluable on the bastiladon when you need to unleash hell with it. Without it you're looking at 5+ to hit against something charging you, 4+ is far easier. The 3+ base shooting that can double tap in Thunderlizard has won me games. Hide him behind the bastiladon or the realmshaper, don't let ppl get silly LOS claims on that valuable hero. I have him on a stylized base so my priest is kinda tall and ppl will go all the time "I can see the top of his base." Make your bastiladon even taller lol
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  3. Killer Angel

    Killer Angel Prophet of the Stars Staff Member

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    With "herald..." you give a +1 during your hero phase, and that +1 lasts til you next hero phase.
    So you'll enjoy that sweet bonus during all your phases (shoot and combat) and, unless you don’t get a double turn, also in the opponent's turn in case of "unleash hell"
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