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AoS Stega-wizard!

Discussion in 'Seraphon Tactics' started by SkinkBait, Jul 15, 2021.

  1. SkinkBait

    SkinkBait Active Member

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    Talk to me about the viability of one of our stegadon heroes with the Arcane Tome.

    Cloak of feathers and Amulet of Destiny are better for survivability, but hear me out. . .

    - Toughest skink wizard in our army along with the oracle

    - Cast arcane bolt, charge, do a potential 3D3 mortal wounds before combat. 3+ on the charge, 2+ on the stomp, then discharge the bolt

    - Big ol Arcane Vassal that can also protect the slann from on comers. It would be a SKINK WIZARD after all.
  2. Tyranitar

    Tyranitar Well-Known Member

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    It's worth trying out. It's likely one of those things where you're better off focusing on the strengths of a model rather than spreading it out too do too much but who knows. I think the trog makes a better range extender for kroak since it's sturdier with its own healing and can be given an amulet of destiny. And the cloak of feathers is good defensively but also offers offense with the movement increase and fly
  3. Acehilator

    Acehilator Well-Known Member

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    The Trog needs to come down at least 30 points to be even worth considering. Current points are a sad/sick joke. Take a Slann if you don't know what do with 270 points.

    Cloak of Feathers is one of the best artefact in the game, and it's value increases with the durability of the model carrying it. Even if Carnos could take it, it would still be (quiet a bit) better on the Steg Chief.

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