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Subforums in section Fluff and Stories

Discussion in 'Ideas, problems and feedback' started by Imrahil, Jul 14, 2020.

  1. Imrahil

    Imrahil Well-Known Member

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    Dear all, especially the moderators/admins,

    when writing a piece for the Short Story contest I like to take the effort to research some stuff about Lustria, Old ones, special days/rituals, etc.
    To do so I have to go through all(a lot of) threads in the Subforum Fluff and Stories

    I have got the feeling that this can be 'efficienated'.

    Is it possible to add some (sub)subforums in the section Fluff and Stories.
    Just like is done in the Painting and Converting section.

    subforums might be:
    - Lustrian information/background studies
    - Competitions
    (feel free to add some more if necessary)

    Thanks for considering

    Grrr, Imrahil
  2. Killer Angel

    Killer Angel Prophet of the Stars Staff Member

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    it would be nice and helpful, but it would also require some serious work, just to move in the new positions all the existing threads.
    but probably a subforum dedicated to competitions should be easier to create and manage.

    I've also got the impression that lustriapedia doesn't receive the attention it should, as i fear that many forumeers don't know about it.
  3. Scalenex

    Scalenex Keeper of the Indexes Staff Member

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    The painting forums are by far the most viewed sites on L-O. We have a lot of forum members and lurkers that only pay attention to the painting forums. There is enough interest in the many aspects of painting and modeling to sustain multiple subforums. Anywhere else, subforums tend to turn into metaphorical ghost towns.

    Years ago, I suggested to the Red Devil (long may he ribbit) to create a house rule forum, and he did. The House Rule subforum withered away. People still posted house rules, they just did it on the main forums.

    Before that we had an "Other armies subforum" but that kind of withered away because no one looked at it. People still posted other army stuff, they just did in the main forums, so our wise leader merged it back with the regular forums.


    The Lustriapedia is my metaphorical baby. I think it's the best resource for this

    The Lustriapedia seems to have exactly what you ask for. I used to have a link to the Lustriapedia in my signature to advertise it, but now I have a link to the Index of Indexes, which hardly anyone ever uses.

    That's not counting the giant glossary of terms, cities and Old Ones.

    I'm open to suggestions to make the Lustriapedia more user friendly, but I do not believe that adding subforums will help.
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  4. Lizards of Renown
    Skink Priest

    Lizards of Renown Well-Known Member

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    Would just like to comment that it helped me in writing my last story. :D

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