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8th Ed. Vs Dark Elves

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Tactics' started by Gary_M, Jun 3, 2016.

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    NB: Admin, not sure if this should go in Tactics, Discussion or Army Lists to be honest. If it needs to be moved, please do so and my apologies for choosing the wrong one!

    As you may have read in other recent posts of mine, getting back into 8th Ed thanks to my DE playing son.
    He has quite a few figures, but I'm not convinced he has optimal build capability (but he's done fine in the past!). I believe he's looking at using a lot of dreadspears, cold one knights and some dark riders/warlocks. Plus a dreadlord on cold one and a sorceress. He doesn't have enough witch elves, executioners or black guard to be a proper threat.

    Before going any further I don't have my army book or BRB with me, so forgive me not knowing correct names!

    I think I've read somewhere that to win you need to control at least 2 of Movement/Magic/Combat(inc shooting).
    On this basis I need to focus on the last 2 as our movement is not the greatest to say the least although the movement spell in High Magic could help.

    We're thinking of having a 2400pt game in the near future, and am pulling together some ideas/thoughts on what to take.

    I've tended to take a slann, and if I want to have effective magic phases believe I need one. Add in a priest for a scroll caddy. (Could Tetto work in place of the Slann?) I have remembered about the channelling staff combo, focus of mystery and the re-roll of first failed dispel.

    Scar vet on cold ones are I guess an auto-include. One with Armour of Destiny, other with perhaps Steg Helm and Luckstone? or is it better to get a ward save?

    At 2400 my core is 33 saurus inc full command and 3 x 10 skink skirmishers. Only 3 points over the core tax.

    Special - If I've got cowboys, I guess I need CoK to get them into position, say 5-7.

    With a Slann I assume I need TG to look after them. I can run 30 of them max.

    Rare - I'm looking at 2 Salamanders but do Razordons work against DE?

    Other than that while Terradons might be useful against his repeater bolt throwers, I'm not sure especially as I only have 3 of them. Cham skinks could do a job too?

    I think I'd rather take a steg or two for impact hits if I can charge them in (that was the idea behind the steg helm cowboy)

    Would really appreciate thoughts of the experienced oldbloods on here.

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