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6th Ed. Walking with Saurus

Discussion in 'Lizardmen Army Lists' started by WhenTheSkinksMarch, Nov 2, 2022.

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    Howdy all, long time no post!
    For the first time I've actually found a tournament in my country for 6th ed that I can attend and I am keen to do so. Now I've never played 6th propper, only a 500pt tester so I'm not sure what performs well in this edition and I've never done a 2k list either. The tourney is advertised as flavourful/non cheese lists so this is what I've come up with for my rule of cool, any advice or comments are really appreciated.

    1 Slann - 4th Generation, BSB, Totem of prophecy

    1 Skink priest - Stegadon, Diadem of power

    20 Saurus warriors - Full command

    15 Skinks - Scouts

    14 Skinks - Javelins

    16 Temple Guard - Shields, Full command

    3 Jungle swarms

    2 Salamnder hunting packs

    3 Terradons

    What do you think? Thanks in advance!
  2. Walters

    Walters Well-Known Member

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    Sounds fun with a 6th edition tournament, I wish you lots of fun! :)
    I have more or less only played using 6th edition rules, and I really like what the army can bring. Going with a Slann is a fun choice, and 4th generation is good. I have never tried the totem of prophecy banner, but fear sounds interesting. What worries me is that your unit of temple guard will be too small with only 16 warriors to stand a chance to autobreak enemy regiments. Unless you really want to cause fear I would suggest to give your Slaan some of the sacred plaques. The plaque of Tepok is a good one for that one extra spell. Remember that you Slann can chose spells from more than one lore, so more spells you can pick the better. (I really like lore of light for that healing spell, you can use that to heal your stegadon, and blinding light is good for decreasing the WS of enemies). :)

    I have no experience with a skink on a stegadon, but it sounds very cool!

    For core you have a good amount of skinks and saurus warriors. Perhaps boosting the temple guard to 20 would be something to consider, I worry that your rank and file are too few. But that might perhaps not be too much of an issue given that you have several fast units which can cover your flanks. Jungle swarms are good for blocking enemy cavalry. Try to use them to lock down an enemy unit so that another of your units can flank it. Salamanders are very good against T3 units and thanks to cold blooded they can hold out in combat for a while. I have not played with terradons for quite some time, so I dare not give any suggestions regarding them, but if there are warmachines they can be good to have.
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