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Discussion in 'Rules Help' started by shwaym, Aug 24, 2015.

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    I know everyone and their spawning companion has their own AoS comp system but surprisingly none of them were mine.

    I may run a casual, 12 person, 3 game AoS event at my store and wanted a system that could be picked up and used the day of the event.

    Shwaym's Age of Sigmar Event System v1.1

    80 Point Army Limit

    A model is worth a number of points determined by the following variables:

    +1 for each wound.

    +1 if it has the Monster or War-machine keyword

    +1 if it has a unique name (only one of each uniquely named model may be taken per army.)

    +1 for the number of spells it is capable of casting each battle-round.

    +2 if it is a terrain piece.

    An army must be composed entirely of models with the Order, Chaos, Destruction or Death keyword (except terrain.)

    Summoning (referring to any spell or ability which calls new models into existence (Grave Call, Savage Dominion etc., not models that are 'hiding.')

    You may not ever use more than 80 points worth of models in your army each game. You do not have to select which models you will be summoning before the first turn. A Wizard may summon any model from a Warscroll it is able to whether or not you deploy that Warscroll before the first battle-round. You are required to inform your opponent what models you have available to you to summon before the first battle-round. [Ex: Severus has a 60 point army list with 20 points left remaining to summon with each game. Playing against Chaos Daemons he decides to summon a Bastiladon Turn 1 (9 points.) Playing scenario #3 he then decides to summon 10 Skinks on turn 5 in his enemy's deployment zone to win the game.]


    1) Act of Vengeance

    The player who has the most points remaining on the table at the end of the game wins. Wounded models are counted using their starting value.

    2) My Dominion

    The player with the most models in each of the 2'x2' table sections controls that section. The player who controls the most sections at the end of the game wins. A model may count for any single section it is at least partially within.

    3) Take Their Land

    The player with the most models at least partially within their opponent's deployment area at the end of the game wins.

    Ties go to the player who took the first turn in the last battle-round.

    All scenarios last 5 battle-rounds or until the 2-hour time limit is reached.

    All models will be considered WYSIWYG. No proxies or counts-as. Conversions and alternative models are acceptable. A player may not place their model's base on an opponent player's model's base but may on their own.

    Tactician - The winner of each game earns 7 Victory points.

    Appearance - You earn 5 Victory points if your army is well-painted with at least 3 colors and based. 1 to 5 additional points are available for additional skill and creativity with painting, converting and basing.

    Sportsmanship - You earn 1 to 5 Victory points each game if you are polite, take your turns in a timely fashion and fully explain all rules relating to the game and your army to your opponent. 1 to 5 additional Victory points are available if you have made it a point to make the game enjoyable for the person you are playing with.

    Most cumulative Victory points wins the event.
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