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Index 8th Edition LM Tactica Index

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Tactics' started by Scalenex, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Scalenex

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    Tactica Index

    Even with Age of Sigmar upon us, many of our forumites still play 8th edition, so we are keeping the Index going to meet people's Oldhammer needs. While traffic in the 8th edition forums are going down, I will still add new Tactica links here as necessary.

    For Age of Sigmar Tacticas, please view the Seraphon Tactica Index. The games are different enough that the idea of making even one article an edition spanning Tactica is impractically.

    Reverse Tacticas
    are threads written on other army forums about how to defeat Lizardmen. 8th Edition handbooks are similar in that they show what competitive all-comers lists of a non-Lizardmen is likely to take.

    I welcome feedback via the replies or PMs and will try to incorporate your feedback into the thread. If my response is slow due to me having a life outside this forum, or you disagree with something I've done, you request changes through another mod (though they tend to defer to me for Tactica issues so that’s guaranteed to work).

    MVP Threads
    are threads that are so awesome that I think everyone on the forum should take a look at them at least once.

    Speaking as a moderator. There is no such thing as forbidden thread necromancy if the original post is still relevant. All threads linked here are considered still relevant. Old Threads are archived in the Tactica graveyard.

    Broad Topics

    The Basics
    General Overview of the new LM book
    Non-LM specific Overview of Warhammer Fantasy in general
    8th Edition LM Handbook
    Dice Probabilities for charges, casting, and Cold Blooded Ld Tests With Amusing Illustrations! MVP Thread

    List Building
    Broad Types of LM Armies
    Lore Based Army Build Suggestions
    Guidelines for dual Slann Armies
    Guidelines for LM in Storm of Magic games
    Army Building for Warhammer Siege

    Guidelines and Pointers
    Lizardmen 101
    Terrain Placement and Use
    Deployment Tactica
    Maximizing Use out of Bound Spells MVP Thread
    Mitigating Damage from Cannons
    Unit Champions, when to to take them
    Dealing with Our Weaknesses in Small Points Games (somewhat dated but still valid)
    Guidelines for Fielding Grand Armies
    Magic Phase Defense Guidelines

    End Times
    Using the Lore of Undeath
    Discussion of the new 50% limit on Heroes and Lords
    Guidelines for Optimizing End Times Magic
    Undead Legions Review (Carpe Noctem)

    Unit Tacticas

    Jack of All Trades Slann
    High Magic Slann, the basics
    High Magic Slann 2.0
    Fire Slann
    Beasts Slann
    Metal Slann
    Light Slann
    Life Slann (slightly dated but still good)
    Heavens Slann
    Shadow Slann
    Death Slann
    Common Slann Builds
    Book of Ashur Slann

    Oldblood and Scar Veterans
    Cowboy Builds with Statistics MVP Thread
    Advanced Carnosaur Tactica MVP Thread
    Flying Carpet Oldbloods

    Skink Chiefs
    Overview of Different Roles
    Skink BSB Discussion
    Unorthodox Lists built around several Chiefs

    Skink Priests
    General Skink Priest Overview

    Overview of Special Characters
    Lord Kroak Tactica
    Gor-Rok Discussion Thread

    Saurus Warriors
    Broad Saurus Warrior Tactica
    Options for Builds and Uses
    Pros and Cons of Hordes

    Skink Skirmishers
    Skink Fundamentals MVP Thread
    Alternative Skirmisher Builds and Deployments
    Javelins Versus Blowpipes

    Skink Cohorts
    Broad Overview Different Cohort Builds and their Uses
    Advanced Cohort Strategy Discussion

    Jungle Swarms
    Informal Discussion on Swarms

    Temple Guard
    Solo Slann Versus Temple Guard Bunker (dated before the new book but the essence of this has not changed)
    Temple Guard without Slann
    Builds for Slann Bunkers
    Minimizing Miscast Damage to Temple Guard

    Comprehensive Kroxigor Tactica

    Chameleon Skinks
    Comprehensive Chameleon Tactica

    Tips for Effective Terradon Use (link is old but the essence of flyer disruption did not change with the new book)
    Javelins vs. Fireleech Bolas

    Basic Ripperdactyl Use
    Advanced Ripper Discussion

    Saurus Cold One Cavalry
    Comprehensive Cold One Tactica (the essentials are still good, but there are a lot of minor things now wrong due to the new army book)
    Informal Cold One Bus Tactica

    Broad Overview of Using Solardons
    Tips for using the Ark of Sotek Effectively (with amusing illustrations)

    Stegadons and Ancient Stegadons
    Comprehensive Stegadon Tactica

    Comprehensive Salamander Tactica

    Informal Analysis of Razordons Many Uses

    What Troglodons Can and Can’t Do
    Strategies for Synergizing Armies around using Troglodons

    Army Tacticas

    Basic Overview of BM vs. LM
    Informal Mini-Handbook

    Brettonian Tactica
    "Reverse” Brettonian Tactica

    Dark Elves
    Broad Overview of LM vs. Dark Elves
    Dealing with Multiple Dark Pegasi Riders
    "Reverse" Tactica, focused on LM Skirmisher Lists
    Informal “Reverse” Tactica with no specific focus

    Daemons of Chaos
    Comprehensive Overview of LM vs. DoC

    Comprehensive Overview of LM vs. Dwarves
    8th Edition Dwarf Handbook

    Comprehensive Overview of LM vs. Empire
    “Reverse” Empire Tactica (Definitely not written by anyone traitorous)
    Tips for countering the Steam Tank
    8th Edition Empire Handbook

    High Elves
    Comprehensive Overview of LM vs. HE
    8th Edition High Elf Handbook

    Ogre Kingdoms
    General Anti-Ogre Tips
    Ogre 8th Edition Informal Ogre Handbook

    Orcs and Goblins
    Comprehensive Overview of LM vs. O&G
    Dealing with Fanatics

    General Anti-Skaven Tips
    Informal "Reverse" Tactica for New Book
    Comprehensive Reverse Tactica (slightly dated but mostly good)

    Tomb Kings
    Current TK Tactica

    Vampire Counts
    Comprehensive Overview of LM versus VC
    “Reverse” VC Tactica (Also not written by anyone traitorous)
    8th Edition Vampire Counts Handbook

    Warriors of Chaos
    Comprehensive Overview of LM versus WoC
    8th Edition Warriors of Chaos Handbook

    Wood Elves
    Wood Elf Tactica

    Chaos Dwarfs
    Comprehensive Overview of LM versus CD
    Semi-Informal Chaos Dwarf Handbook

    Lizardmen vs. Lizardmen
    Comprehensive Overview of LM versus LM matchups

    Magic Items

    BRB Magic Weapons
    BRB Magic Armors
    BRB Magic Talismans
    BRB Enchanted Items
    BRB Arcane Items
    BRB Magic Standards
    Army Book Magic Items

    Miscellaneous Things You Might Want Links for

    Glossary of Common Terms and Abbreviations
    Lustriapedia (fluff equivalent of Tactica Index)
    Index of Other Army Forums
    Get yourself a customized Avatar! MVP Thread
    Zip File of the Old 8th edition FAQs
    Age of Sigmar Tactica Index
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  2. Scalenex

    Scalenex Keeper of the Indexes Staff Member

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    The Tactica Graveyard

    The Tactica Graveyard

    Outdated due to new LM 8th ed book (or some other new book)

    General Anti-Brettonian Tips

    General Anti-Tomb Kings Tips

    Stegadon Tactica

    Broad Kroxigor Tactica (written before the new book)
    Discussion on Using Large Kroxigor Blocks

    Differing Opinions on Worthwhileness of Champions

    "Reverse" Ogre Tactica

    Comprehensive WE Overview and General Tips

    Comprehensive Overview of LM vs. Dwarves

    “Reverse" O&G Tactica (light)

    Hammer and Anvil for Lizardmen

    Worthwhileness of Champions

    Using Redirectors

    Broad Types of Lizardmen Armies

    Old Army Book Magic Items

    Double Slann Lore Masters

    Cowboy Scar Veteran Builds
    Old Blood Builds
    Scar Veteran BSBs

    Spears vs. Handweapons in the old book

    Using the old EOTG

    Skink Priest in the old Book

    Javelins vs. Shields old book

    Swarms back in the old days when they were nigh worthless

    Skroxigor in the old book

    Skink Chief Builds

    Skink Armies

    Working around ETC with the old book

    Old Discipline Guide

    old SC overview

    Fighting Skaven with the Old Book

    Razordons back when they were worthless

    Lizardmen 101, old book

    BRB Magic Banners when we had greater magic banner access

    Skink Chief Uses Old Book

    Older Salamander Tactica

    Anti-Beastmen Tips
    Old Beastmen “Reverse” Tactica

    Old High Elf “Reverse” Tactica

    General Tips versus VC

    Wood Elf Tips

    Old Dwarf Tactica

    Old Ogre Tactica

    Anti-Tomb King Tips for the old book

    Old Fire Slann

    Old Heavens Slann

    Outdated for other reasons

    Building ETC Lists with LM (ETC 8th is no more)

    Carnosaur Basics

    Defending yourself versus Enemy Magic Phases

    Informal Discussion on Optimizing End Times Magic

    7th Ed Tactica Index

    General Lore Selection

    7th edition Empire book with the 8th edition rules

    Informal Discussion on Lore of Death

    7th edition WoC book with 8th edition rules

    7th edition Demons of Chaos book with 8th edition rules

    Formal Tactica for the 7th edition High Elf book with 8th Edition Rules
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  3. Lawot

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    Re: 8th Edition Tactica Index, New Link January 18, 2013

    The reverse Tacticas are fantastic! Thanks for doing the research on those.
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  4. Scalenex

    Scalenex Keeper of the Indexes Staff Member

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    Re: 8th Edition Tactica Index, New Link January 18, 2013

    No problem, it wasn't exactly strenuous. I looked for the forums that had their own Tactica Indexes then checked for Lizardmen. Tomb Kings and Wood Elves have one for Lizardmen the sixth edition book that I chose not to include. If anyone knows of any other Reverse Tacticas in less obvious places, let me know.
  5. Scalenex

    Scalenex Keeper of the Indexes Staff Member

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    Re: 8th Edition Tactica Index, Newest Link March 22nd, 2013

    WOOOOO! 10,000 views! :D
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  6. VampTeddy

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    Re: 8th Edition Tactica Index, Newest Links September 23rd 2

    What would people say if some random loose teddy bear started reading through all of these posts and tried making a thread dedicated to gathering what is mostly discussions in the posts tactica's links into fullyfledged tactica's with unit abilities usages and the likes?

    I know we allready have one from n810 but it's fairly simplified compared to what i've seen on the empire's forum, and on ogres forum, i don't know if i just missed it, but i can't find one as detailed.

    I reckoned i'd be able to read through all the discussions we have and end up with a finished result that gathers all of the information in one post without having to read through extra information.

    I won't start doing this without some sort of incitement since i'm lazy as fuck, but i might be able to do a subject a day and then have it done in a month's time or so?.

    Also on that note, someone to look it through and correct grammar / weird descriptions might be good since i'm afraid i'm not "da uber2" at english :)
  7. n810

    n810 First Spawning

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    Re: 8th Edition Tactica Index, Newest Links September 23rd 2

    Woah you have been buisy Scalenex,
    there are a ton more link in here since last I looked. :D
  8. thegraymist

    thegraymist Member

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    Re: 8th Edition Tactica Index, Newest Links September 23rd 2

    I had a look through the empire one you suggested and it is done really well. It is succinct but gives some clear options.

    I would also like to see some tactica around general builds eg. skink clouds, how to use the hammer and anvil (I did read a thread on that but it's clearly from 2012), and so on. Just general themes for common army types like monster mash, skink clouds, TG and Suarus blocks, how to use magic in the particular army type, that sort of thing. It doesnt have to be specific, just more like: "When you are running TG/Saurus block army you probably want to include skink skirmishers and terradons/rippers to cover flanks. You don't want to be too aggressive unless you are fighting a shooty army, to give you time to switch from high magic to the buffs you need. You want to use your skinks to funnel other troops to where you want them. The best way to deal with heavily armoured troops with this type of army is...[magic, razor standard, etc.]. The best way to deal with MSU with this type of army is... [poison it to death, be aggressive and don't let them get the charges they want, etc.]" and so on.

    I realise there could be infinite combinations but a general overview would be helpful as we all try the new toys and find things that work/don't work. I had a game tonight where I learned that vanguarding TG doesn't work because they are much more squishy than when we had loremaster life in the previous edition.

    I realise it's a lot of work but just putting a suggestion forth.
  9. Zwuppie

    Zwuppie Member

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    Re: 8th Edition Tactica Index, Newest Link October 6th 2013

    Excellent overview! I don't know if anyone like to write a jungleswarm tactica, but maybe a suggestion for this is a army with 1 or 2 bastiladons and about 4-6 units of 2 jungle swarms! With two bastiladons you can generate lots of jungleswarm bases! Only point is you have to take a risk to take the combination and it will cost between 580 and 720 points! But you will generate about 3-6 bases a turn when you have everything well placed! So you might have after one turn instead of 6 units of 2, 6 units of 3! so 210 extra points!
  10. spawning of Bob

    spawning of Bob Well-Known Member

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    Re: 8th Edition Tactica Index, Newest Link October 9th 2013

    Boo! I wanted to be the 20000th view of the tactica index. Instead I was 19981, 19982, 19990, and 20006.

    I knew I should have just sat there and cheated.

    Well done Scalenex, I think it's a great index. Just ignore what all those other people say.

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  11. Scalenex

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    Re: 8th Edition Tactica Index, Newest Link January 1st 2015

    Happy New Years! I've been a moderator almost a year now and this thread has been running much longer than that.

    Let's kick off 2015 with some good Tacticas. I like to write Tacticas, but there are a few holes in the Tactica Index that I am not qualified to write. If I rarely play with X, I can't really write about it. I have some requests for the community at large.

    I would like someone to consider revising our Cold One Tactica, you could probably keep most of it via quotes, but a lot has changed. No more magic banners, cheaper unit champions, optional spears, predatory fighter, and different all around meta.

    I would like someone to write a current ETC list building Tactica.

    I would like someone to consider writing Tacticas for special characters other than Kroak and now Gor-rok which we have.

    If anyone uses the Ark of Sotek regularly, we could use a Tactica for that. If a full Tactica is not practical, at least write a paragraph or two, so I can quote your words in the main Bastiladon thread.

    I would like to someone to write a LM versus Beastmen Tactica.

    Our Brettonian, Ogre, Tomb King and Skaven Tacticas are a bit outdated and incomplete, new ones would be nice.

    The small points game Tactica hasn't been updated in a long time. We could use a new one. If anyone on L-O routinely plays grand armies, a large points guidelines Tactica would also be welcome.

    I would like someone to write a LM versus Wood Elves Tactica.

    I would like someone to try writing Tacticas for fighting the new End Times combined lists. Going unit by unit is probably impractical but guidelines for broad strategies is certainly worthwhile.

    Any unorthodox builds or combos that worked for you, or even almost worked for you.

    I would like it if people helped us finish up the Lizardmen 8th Ed Handbook. It's been nearly done for a long time.

    Feel free to reply to any Tactica, even if it's old if you have some new insight (or spot what you view is an error) in one of the older Tacticas.

    Finally, if anyone runs across a good reverse Tactica or Handbook (especially End Times armies) on another army forum, let me know.
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  12. airjamy

    airjamy Active Member

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    Re: 8th Edition Tactica Index, Newest Link January 1st 2015

    Dear Scalanex

    After reading almost all entries in your tactica i am impressed, and i hope to contribute myself to the thread. I am a TK LM player, so i will post an improved TK tactica in a few days. Would love some input from you guys, because even though i have been playing for 6 years, i have zero tactica writing experience.

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  13. Scalenex

    Scalenex Keeper of the Indexes Staff Member

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    Re: 8th Edition Tactica Index, Newest Link January 1st 2015

    Thanks for volunteering. This might help a little bit. There is no wrong way to do a Tactica but I use this template for my army Tacticas. You can copy and paste it into a word processing program and it will have all the font tags you need (If you just bold or italicize something in Word it won't transfer over without the [tags]). For Part One you just write in the units. You can write blocks of texts about army wide stuff wherever feels right.

    Part Two: Lizardmen Versus _________

    Core Units

    Saurus Warriors:

    Skink Cohorts:

    Skink Skirmishers:

    Jungle Swarms:

    Special Units

    Chameleon Skinks:


    Temple Guard:


    Cold One Cavalry: .


    Rare Units


    Ancient Stegadons:


    Rare Units

    Scar Veterans and Oldbloods:

    Skink Chiefs:

    Skink Priest:


    Lore of High Magic:

    WD Slann:

    Lore of Light:

    Lore of Shadows:

    Lore of Metal:

    Lore of Life:

    Lore of Fire:

    Lore of Death:

    Lore of Heavens:

    Lore of Beasts:

    Special Characters:

    Broad Strategy?
  14. Scalenex

    Scalenex Keeper of the Indexes Staff Member

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    I didn't check every link individually because I do not have OCD, but I believe all the links here transferred okay after the forum upgrade, let me know by a reply or PM if that is not the case.

    EDIT: I also put in purple headings for the Index and all the pieces that I wrote. I used to use yellow headings but they don't show up well on the new light background. I figured purple showed up well on both the new and old forum servers. If there is substantial demand I can change the color again if purple doth offend the eyes,
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2015
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  15. LeanderAT

    LeanderAT Member

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    Awesome thread, thanks!
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